Creative thinking by VRP and Global’s Charity ‘Make Some Noise’ delivers new Salesforce app for nonprofits

26 June 2020 News

I’m proud of all the projects I work on here at VRP Consulting, but some are just a little extra special. GivingX, an upcoming Salesforce AppExchange App, that provides integration between fundraising giving sites and Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, is one of those notable projects.

This innovative app emerged from a long-standing collaboration with Global’s Make Some Noise, a UK based Charity.

As the project began, a significant challenge arose. The world literally changed overnight with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and many clients, including Global scaled back their nonprofit projects. This meant that Global’s Make Some Noise had no simple way to automatically transfer hundreds of donations from Giving Sites into their Salesforce Org, with their annual, major fundraising appeal only weeks away.

Understanding the criticality of the situation, VRP’s management team agreed to use their deep AppExchange development expertise to create a solution for the Charity and in turn the Charity donated their time and sector knowledge for ideation and testing; true co-creation. Realising the value of the App to other nonprofit Organisations, GivingX will be made available via the AppExchange.

The inspiration for GivingX

During our initial workshops with Global’s Make Some Noise, the Charity team shared their frustration with their giving site data. They used several fundraising platforms to manage their own campaigns as well as empower fundraisers to run their own efforts. This data was extremely valuable as it revealed the most effective giving sites, campaigns and individual fundraisers as well as providing information about donors interested in receiving future marketing.

However the process to extract and manage the data was manual, inefficient and time-consuming. In addition, the off-the-shelf options available to Global either created an organisation specific fundraising platform or only worked with existing services that the Charity didn’t use.

Using our broad depth of skills and expertise in both consulting and app development, our team could develop a custom application that would fulfill this need.

Now, thanks to GMSN’s feedback and partnership we have started a truly remarkable new journey.

“It has been brilliant to utilise our talented UK consultants and Belarusian developers on an innovative project that genuinely adds so much value and helps Global’s Make Some Noise, one of our favourite charities and long term clients, during such a challenging time,” said Will Lamb, MD UKI at VRP.

“We enjoy a very collaborative and successful relationship with VRP and the GivingX project has been a team effort, achieved with great creativity” said Emma Bradley, Managing Director at Global’s Make Some Noise.

Want a sneak preview? Have a look at GivingX.

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Who are Global’s Make Some Noise?

Global’s Make Some Noise Logo

Global’s Make Some Noise is a national charity in the UK affiliated with Global Media & Entertainment. The charity uses the power of their media presence and radio brands to raise money for small, grassroots charities that provide vital support in the communities Global operates in.

Since 2014 Global has raised millions of pounds to help improve the lives of more than 78,500 children and young people by providing more than 250 charities with game-changing grants and supporting them with training and guidance during the lifecycle of their projects to make the biggest difference possible.

Get in touch with us if you would like to learn more.

Dan Collis
Senior Consultant and Solution Architect
VRP Consulting UK

About the Author

Dan Collis is a Senior Consultant and Solution Architect within VRP Consulting’s UK team, who led the GivingX team. Dan has over seven years’ experience implementing the Salesforce platform as well as end-to-end knowledge of Salesforce roadmap management and project delivery.


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