VRP Consulting is Growing a Vibrant Salesforce Community in Belarus

7 June 2018 News

We’re thrilled to announce that this May VRP Consulting opened its Learning and Training Center – Salesforce Academy – as part of VRP Consulting Development Center.

Though Salesforce is just gaining traction in Belarus (only a few Belarusian companies specialize in Salesforce consulting, implementation or development), VRP Consulting can boast over 19 years of hands-on experience in Salesforce custom development and support. Yet, software engineers who are at least aware of Salesforce existence aren’t a dime a dozen, let alone those who are well-versed in Salesforce development. With that in mind, we decided to make a landmark decision and launched a six-month training program that has already resonated with its participants.

The Learning Center is sort of an educational project specially designed for those who have fundamental programming skills and know the basics of web development but do not have hands-on experience in creating web solutions. Within the program we are set to provide our interns with a deep insight into what Salesforce is all about, why it has proved particularly popular with big enterprises in the USA and Europe, and why it’s rewarding to develop your own solution on this flagship platform. Hands down, our key objective is to cultivate Salesforce savvy pros with top-notch communication skills capable of delivering seamless customer experience.

As for the program itself, it combines both lecturing and internship, specifically 60 hours of lectures and the opportunity to work on Salesforce projects throughout the whole course.

Salesforce Developers

What’s more important, once successfully completed, the program opens doors to employment opportunities either within the company or elsewhere within the Salesforce ecosystem.

What’s more, VRP Consulting has become a partner of a new project – Salesforce.by – that went live on May 25. This is a visionary project for Belarusian Salesforce pros specially designed to enable Belarusian Salesforce pundits to share best practices and technical expertise. The official website of Belarusian Salesforce Community opens up an unrivalled opportunity for Salesforce developers to exchange insights and experiences, post articles in the blog, and come up with ideas for meetups.

By the way, VRP Consulting will be hosting the first meetup for the community in our Minsk office on June 16 – “Power of Salesforce Einstein AI for Developers”. Dmitry Zhugin, one of our Salesforce developers, is going to offer a valuable insight into myEinstein platform and its tools for building AI-powered applications.

As a Salesforce Product Development partner, VRP Consulting is committed to cultivating Salesforce experts and building a thriving Salesforce community in Belarus.

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