Cherry Casino cuts case resolution time by 65%

To provide millions of customers all over the world with instantaneous support, Cherry embarks on the Salesforce Service Cloud implementation journey, and thereby drastically reduces customer service response times.


3x3x faster support cases resolution
37%Сustomer churn rate reduced by 37%
38% A 38% increase in upsells
45%A 45% boost in agent productivity
Service Cloud, Omni-Channel, Internal Knowledge Base, Quick Text, Macros.
Established in 1963 as AB Restaurant Roulette, CherryCasino enters the online gaming market 33 years later. Having been working with online gaming for over 10 years, CherryCasino eventually took a big decision to use their online gaming experience to create a brand new online casino. Now they offer a broad spectrum of the best casino games available online including the biggest selection of Slots, Videoslots, Roulette, Black Jack, Table Games and Video Poker as well as cutting-edge casino games.

Service Cloud | Industry: Gambling | Region: Malta


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Customer Support as the Focal Point of Cherry’s Online Gambling Business

In view of the specific character of online gambling business, efficient customer support is something that plays a pivotal role in the success of any online casino and helps them lead the pack in the gambling industry. Given fierce competition in the global online gambling market, delivering instantaneous top-notch customer support makes all the difference. The faster you respond to a customer’s query, the more likely it is that the customer will stick around and get back for more.

Prior to purchasing Salesforce Service Cloud licenses, Cherry used to run their customer service operations through a standard LivePerson system, which didn’t give them the appropriate level of transparency within the entire organization they required to deliver high-end customer support. Unlike Salesforce Service Cloud, LivePerson wasn’t able to provide their agents with a 360-degree customer view, which was all-important especially given that they were managing 23 brands at that time, each of them providing customer support in 11 languages.

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While dealing with the incoming cases, Cherry’s customer service agents could not associate a case with a relevant customer, and thereby they could not provide a customer with proper and prompt support, as LivePerson does not come equipped with the customer entity. Nor could they make upsell offers based on a customer’s purchase history for the simple reason that LivePerson doesn’t store historical user data. For one, a customer could contact their user support service three times a day, and each time Cherry’s customer support agents would start a chat asking for the same information. That was their biggest pain point in that this increased their resolution time and eventually caused frustrated customers to leave their online casino. This is what made Cherry embark on the Salesforce Service Cloud implementation journey.

Drilling down to specifics, Cherry was looking to involve 3 departments into Salesforce, each department having their own flows, and hence, their own needs.

Customer Service Department

Given that Customer Service Department is the first and the only personal contact a customer has with their online gambling business, it was critical for their agents to have all customer and product data as well as case histories close at hand – all in one place – in order to make decisions and resolve customer issues in an instant, wherever they are.

Payment and Fraud Department

Given that Customer Service Department is the first and the only personal contact a customer has with their online gambling business, it was critical for their agents to have all customer and product data as well as case histories close at hand – all in one place – in order to make decisions and resolve customer issues in an instant, wherever they are.

VIP Department

Given the specific nature of functions VIP Department agents carry out – that is, talking to VIP clients on the phone or via email – it was imperative for Cherry’s managers to track first contact resolution (FCR) to benchmark their customer support team and find out whether VIP Department reps can resolve issues the first time customers contact them.

On top of all that, Cherry’s managers wanted their departments’ representatives to communicate with each other through Salesforce, rather than talking via Skype or Slack, to get full visibility into how much time cases, internal communications and escalations take up.

What’s more, since Cherry didn’t have a 360-degree view of their agents’ performance, they had a hard time analyzing how many agents should be assigned to this or that queue or language.

According to their business needs and pain points, VRP Consulting was to:

  • Implement Salesforce Service Cloud from scratch
  • Create declarative configurations for internal users
  • Develop custom user passes for customers.

VRP Consulting Got Down to Work

It took VRP Consulting 8 months to implement Salesforce Service Cloud and its entire functionality from scratch, as well as enhance employee engagement with the system and boost Salesforce user adoption. To help Cherry’s customer support agents streamline their service processes we integrated declarative Service Cloud features, such as Omni-Channel, Internal Knowledge Base, Quick Text and Macros. Specifically, we delivered personalized solutions that allowed Cherry to get:

A deeper understanding of customers and cases

For Customer Service Department as well as Payment and Fraud Department VRP Consulting designed a user-friendly interface that gives their agents a much better user experience and now enables their reps to have all the information they might need at fingertips – all in one Service Console. Once a customer has logged in, an agent gets a clear picture of a customer profile, case histories and all customer interactions that happened across the platform, all in one view – there is no more need to switch between multiple tabs or software.

On top of that, we set up a customer scoring system that now allows our Client to categorize their users based on different criteria like their creditworthiness, assign scores to them and gain an in-depth insight into their potential and profitability. All of the above now empowers their reps to make timely decisions on whether to enable or disable a user account.

Above that, we optimized their internal communications through connecting their Customer Service Department and Payment and Fraud Department within Salesforce. For example, now if a customer service agent has some questions related to fraud, they can immediately contact Payment and Fraud Department and get their issues resolved right away. What’s more important, these internal interactions are logged as well, attached to the specific case and customer, and stored in Salesforce, so that managers can track the customer’s history further down the line and see that they were checked for hidden indicators of fraud, why they were checked and who checked them. This allows managers to set up a more advanced scoring system and subtract points from a customer’s score if they have been checked for fraud more than once, for example.

A complete view of the agents’ performance

We set up Service Analytics and configured multiple Salesforce Agent Reports to help Cherry’s managers calculate average case closure times, get an in-depth insight into how their agents perform, into agent workload and productivity, to name a few.

The Omni-Channel feature we set up allows Cherry’s managers to understand how much capacity their agents should have, and decide how much capacity each case should take up. Salesforce has emerged as kind of a platform for taking their support strategies out for a spin. For example, now they are empowered to figure out how many cases at a time a customer service agent can handle and thereby manage their agents’ capacity.

What’s more, Cherry was given the opportunity to measure first contact resolution across various customer service channels and get a better understanding of how responsive their customer service agents are. For example, now they can uncover whether the customer’s issue has been resolved in one email response or in one phone call.

Simply put, Salesforce opened up an unparalleled opportunity to monitor agent overall efficiency and productivity.

Enhanced Salesforce user adoption

Accustomed to LivePerson, Cherry’s agents had trouble getting on well with the new system. That was why Cherry’s managers felt an urgent need to have an on-site Salesforce expert to get their team on board and help their employees faster come to grips with Salesforce CRM. To help them along the way, we provided their best customer service agent with an on-site one-on-one training. The knowledge and skills he eventually gained, enabled him to morph into a Salesforce-savvy user end, having passed Salceforce Certified Administrator exam became Salceforce certified.

On top of all, we went the extra mile and arranged training sessions and workshops for the involved departments, gave slide-show presentations and great product demos.


  • Service Cloud VRP Consulting implemented and fully configured now gives Cherry a single view of customer data and provides complete transparency across all their multiple brands.
  • The new Salesforce Service Console storing all relevant customer details and case data in one place enables Cherry’s customer support agents to provide customers with instantaneous support – there is no more need to ask for the same information every time a customer requests support.
  • The Omni-Channel feature that we configured takes on the task of routing cases to their agents and thereby saves them much time and effort – now they close their assignments 3x faster than they used to.
  • Our end-to-end implementation allows Cherry to take full advantage of Salesforce CRM that is all about customer. Now Cherry can get a granular view of any customer profile, their scores and metrics, their purchase history and preferences, which drastically improved their upsells.
  • CherryCasino project was something that inspired us to develop our custom ServiceX product that is now generally available.
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