Pardot Expertise

B2B marketing automation integrated with sales.

What is Salesforce Pardot®?

Pardot is all about empowering B2B marketing and sales teams to convert more leads through integrated marketing automation and reports. Pardot gives you tools to run advanced marketing campaigns across multi-channel touchpoints, nurture leads into customers and generate reports on campaign performance.

What can you do with Pardot?

Pardot provides intelligent automation tools to deliver personalized messages based on user actions as well as seamless integrations with professional, branded lead capture tools and easy-to-comprehend campaign ROI reports, no matter how complex your marketing campaigns.

Pardot can be configured with tools for social media, website analytics, PPC ad campaigns, video tracking, chatbot, event ticketing and analytics tools to provide a comprehensive picture of marketing campaigns as well as customer interactions.

Pardot can be connected with other Salesforce Clouds to provide sales and service reps with insights into the customers preferences and expectations, while Einstein Analytics can identify hidden insights by running complex data analysis. Integration with third-party solutions such as Google Analytics 360 and Datarama can bring further insights through richer data sets.

Salesforce Einstain

Customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services*


Business buyers say they expect Amazon like experiences, such as personalised recommendations*


Marketers actively map the customer journey across the company **

* State of the Connected Customer 2018
** State of Marketing 5th edition

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