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Roman Mosko, Fundraising Manager

We were very impressed by VRP Consulting's deep understanding of NPSP. The team was constantly in touch and provided advice on potential future developments for our platform. We are looking forward to working with them again.”

Roman Mosko, Fundraising Manager

Powered by the Nonprofit Success Pack

Like many nonprofits, the Belarus Red Cross Society had moved to Salesforce's Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) in order to increase its impact and effectiveness. The tools for fundraising, program management and marketing & engagement helped the Belarus Red Cross Society put their constituents at the heart of all they do. These features have led to an increase in the efficiency of program delivery and an increase in fundraising. Even though the Belarus Red Cross Society was benefiting from their Salesforce platform, they were unable to extract the full benefits available to them.

A standard implementation

The Belarus Red Cross Society initially implemented a basic NPSP without following Salesforce best practices. This resulted in missing powerful functionality, as staff were unable to utilize key features available in newer Salesforce releases. Further issues resulted in errors in donation management, with approximately 40% of missed recurring payments due to data errors. This was costing the Belarus Red Cross revenue that could help further its mission, requiring staff to manually update and correct the data to prevent the issue from occurring repeatedly. These challenges lead to a frustrating donor experience, reduced the Belarus Red Cross Society's resources, limited their functionality and reports generation capabilities. In order to resolve these issues and fully utilize the capabilities in their Salesforce platform, the Belarus Red Cross came to VRP Consulting for help.



NPSP data model


Increase in recurring payments


Household Account Model

A best-practice implementation

Within five weeks, the VRP Consulting team reconfigured the Belarus Red Cross Society's implementation to realign the architecture according to NPSP best practices. This included migrating to the Household Account Model and establishing new logic and matching workflows. The VRP team also fixed stability issues with the WebPay payment system integration. In addition to the pre-agreed work, VRP's Salesforce consultants noticed other issues during implementation which were discussed and fixed within the scope of the main statement of work. This included adjusting underlying logic and workflows, as well as creating new dashboards and reports.

Best-practices bring rewards The Belarus Red Cross Society already benefits from its reconfigured implementation with a boost in both productivity and effectiveness. Since deployment, the amount of leads coming from its website has increased. At the same time, the Belarusian Red Cross Society's NPSP no longer suffers from missing recurring payments that cost them revenue and required time-consuming updates to fix. New reports and dashboards provide valuable data and insights, increasing their impact through better targeted program management and fundraising efforts. These combined enhancements have increased the impact the Belarus Red Cross Society is able to make.

A firm foundation for the future With increased fundraising and a reduction in its administration overhead, the Belarus Red Cross Society can devote more resources to its humanitarian efforts. Now that the Belarus Red Cross Society is using the standard features within its Salesforce platform more effectively, it is ready for future developments and improvement in its platform without the risk of incompatibility or complicated workarounds. In fact, the Belarus Red Cross Society is already planning further development of its platform.

    • Continued transformation

      The Belarus Red Cross Society is continuing its path and has agreed to additional work with VRP Consulting to move from custom solutions to standard implementations. One such project is the move to depreciate its current, custom recurring donation architecture and move to an enhanced, standard architecture. There are no firm results from these projects yet, but they will certainly open up more possibilities within its Salesforce platform.

    • Company Profile

      The Belarus Red Cross Society is a Belarusian humanitarian organization and a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Its purpose is to prevent and alleviate human suffering wherever and whenever it occurs, voluntarily and without discrimination.

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