Brought their product to market on Salesforce® AppExchange to expand their Service Cloud® customer base with VRP Consulting

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Christopher Kellner, VP Sales & Partnerships at DigitalGenius

VRP Consulting helped us develop our AppExchange App and expertly navigated the security review process. I'd highly recommend them for any PDO project."

Christopher Kellner, VP Sales & Partnerships at DigitalGenius

The Challenge

DigitalGenius developed a powerful AI to improve the speed and performance of customer support teams. Unfortunately, its system wasn't integrated with Service Cloud, so potential customers who used Service Cloud couldn't use DigitalGenius's products.

The Wish

DigitalGenius wished to get their products onto the Salesforce AppExchange so that it could enlarge its customer bases. In order to get on the AppExchange fast and without assembling their own inhouse Salesforce team, DigitalGenius choose VRP Consulting to design and build their AppExchange packages. 

Series A funding


of clients serviced through Salesforce


Applications on the Salesforce AppExchange


Ongoing partnership

The Solution

VRP Consulting developed a set of four packages to cover DigitalGenius's different services including Base, Live Chat and SocialHub as well as an analytics package with machine learning to help train DigitalGenius's products over time. These packages included support for four languages - English, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese -and SocialHub integrated with four different service channels: Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and WhatsApp. All of these packages were all built following Salesforce best practices and so passes the AppExchange security review. 

The Stages

The VRP Consulting team spoke with DigitalGenius and their interested customers. We learned how they wanted the products and interfaces to appear within the Salesforce for ease of use with different Salesforce products and services. VRP developed a general infrastructure for DigitalGenius's products to use and then created individual packages for the four products. Depending on a customer's needs, they could use DigitalGenius's AI with their social media, email, or LiveChat communications.

Since the initial launch, the analytics package has helped train individual clients AI responses to deliver more tailored responses to customer inquiries and requests. The VRP team has provide ongoing support to ensure all of DigitalGenius's packages are compatible with the latest Salesforce releases. 

    • The Result

      DigitalGenius is now on the Salesforce AppExchange and can reach more customers than before. This was a key milestone for DigitalGenius and helped them to secure their series A funding. Now customer's aren't limited to choosing between using Service Cloud or DigitalGenius's products but instead can have the best of both worlds. Importantly, companies which use Salesforce and the DigitalGenius products have been able to increase the speed and quality of their customer service support.

    • Company Profile

      DigitalGenius was founded in 2013. They provide an AI platform that puts customer support on autopilot by understanding conversations, automating repetitive processes and delighting customers. The platform is powered by deep learning that understands customers’ objectives, then drives automated resolutions through APIs that connect seamlessly to different back-end systems. They provide three products to clients; AutoPilot, CoPilot, Control Center.

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