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George Avilov, Salesforce Team Lead

VRP was professional from start to finish, completing the project on a tight schedule even with additional data and requirements given during the project. We are delighted with their agility, teamwork and we are looking forward to working together in the future.”

George Avilov, Salesforce Team Lead

The Challenge

Due to a poor implementation by another consulting firm, SberCloud and its employees were frustrated with their Salesforce platform, as it didn’t meet their needs. This caused persistent data quality issues, lack of business insights and user engagement, which ultimately meant they were unable to maximize their investment.

The Wish

SberCloud sought to relaunch their Salesforce platform with a new solution following best practices, compliant with data regulations and tailored to their needs. The delays caused by the previous consultants meant that SberCloud needed their new solution quickly, and couldn't risk another sub-standard job.

Full Compliance

With Regional Data Regulations


Data Validation And Enriching Process


End-To-End Sales Process

The Solution

VRP Consulting devised a new Salesforce solution to deliver an end-to-end sales process from lead to order. To comply with the Law on Personal Data (152-FZ), consultants employed "Patriot" (now called Pllcontrol), a custom VRP product to maintain personal data integrity while an integration with Spark helps verify, correct and enrich records. To match SberCloud’s unique service offerings, the team further developed a cost-effective, custom CPQ solution. SberCloud's existing Marketing Cloud implementation was integrated with the new solution in order to leverage customer data in cross platform marketing campaigns. To ensure SberCloud could take advantage of the full capabilities of Marketing Cloud, a Marketing Cloud expert conducted enablement sessions with relevant stakeholders

The Stages

Due to the previous setback, VRP chose to use a rapid multistage release delivery, with accelerated development. This approach ensured a reduced time to value while mitigating against potential errors from a single release. The initial release focused on laying the Sales Cloud foundation with Patriot before the custom CPQ process and deeper integrations with other Salesforce clouds were started.

The consulting team constantly communicated with the client, as part of this agile delivery methodology. This facilitated the quick delivery of several features weeks earlier than initially scheduled in order to match SberCloud's evolving requirements. Since the initial release, the project has shifted to ongoing support in ongoing sprint sessions.

    • The Result

      SberCloud has its sales process and order management in place on Salesforce. They have an end-to-end lead to cash Sales platform which is compliant with data regulations. The integration with Spark streamlines the sales process while providing rich lead and customer data. User adoption is high as confidence has been restored in this new company wide solution. The full benefits of this new system are yet to be seen but SberCloud is now confident in continuing its digital transformation on the Salesforce platform with VRP Consulting as its partner.

    • Company Profile

      SberCloud is a subsidiary of Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia, CIS, and Eastern Europe. SberCloud provides cloud computing platforms to individuals and companies. The infrastructure, IT platforms, and SberCloud services are the pillars of Sberbank Group’s digital ecosystem and are available to external customers, such as companies and governmental organizations.

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