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VRP Expertise With Salesforce
for Nonprofit & Higher Education

VRP Consulting provides custom development, installation, and support for Salesforce integration for both higher education and nonprofit organization. For nonprofits and academic institutions, Salesforce can provide a method of managing advertising strategies and reaching out to core demographics, and deepen member relationships. Salesforce is a leading, all-in-one customer relationship solution.

With a custom Salesforce implementation, your company, of all shapes and sizes, can handle all facets of your organization from the same place. Track member data, collect dues and organize events, create online communities, and collect payments or donations — all from a single-login system. Run reports and get the information you need whenever you need it.

VRP consulting has a deep expertise working with Nonprofit & Higher Education organizations, offering reliable Salesforce based solutions, that will lower infrastructure costs, give flexibility for team members without IT having to build a complicated in-house solution.

Major Advantages of Salesforce for Nonprofit Industry Organizations
  • Tracking the efficiency of different outreach initiatives. Marketing strategies can be compared to better optimization and transparency, ensuring that the organization is able to put its resources towards the most effective uses.
  • Reducing administrative overhead. By providing automated analysis and business functions, Salesforce can reduce the amount of time an organization needs to spend on operational management and administrative time, there leaving more funds available for mission critical expenses.
  • Fast reporting. With the real-time data and analysis provided through Salesforce, nonprofits will be able to quickly generate the reports and data that they need to make decisions day-to-day.
  • Cloud-based functionality. The accessible platform of Salesforce Cloud Solutions by VRP Consulting can be connected to from anywhere in the world, consolidating information from many different branches and helping a large nonprofit organization operate more effectively.
Salesforce for Higher Education and Academic Organizations
  • Consolidate students, parents, teachers, and alumni within a single easy to use dashboard. Salesforce makes it easy to reach out to all of your school's constituents at once.
  • Improve recruitment opportunities. Just as sales leads can be scored and generated, recruitment can be as well. Ranging from the most talented academics to the best students, Salesforce can help determine which are most likely to come on board.
  • Build alumni relationships. Alumni are individuals that are most likely to invest in the future of the school and new departments and programs. Salesforce can help in developing these relationships and maintaining them over time.
Customized Development, Implementation, and Integration through VRP Consulting
Nonprofit organizations and educational organizations all operate differently and have unique needs. By customizing each deployment, VRP Consulting and CodeSwat can provide the perfect environment for each organization to grow and thrive. Custom code can be used to refine business processes, track additional metrics, support internal programs, and integrate with company resources and applications.
As one of the few Salesforce-certified product development organizations, VRP Consulting is proud to offer its comprehensive consultancy and application development services to nonprofit organizations and institutes of higher education. For more information about the benefits of Salesforce for nonprofit and academic applications, contact VRP Consulting today.
Customizing Salesforce for the Gaming Industry with VRP Consulting
Gaming and gambling companies need to pivot quickly and to remain agile. Customizing Salesforce is often necessary to take full advantage of the product's features and to create the most effective platform. VRP Consulting has the experience, expertise, and specialized knowledge to create highly custom, optimized Salesforce installations. Through Salesforce, gaming and gambling companies can acquire the real-time analysis and report they need to remain ahead of the competition in a fast-moving and constantly changing industry. If you're interested in Salesforce for gaming industry clients, contact VRP Consulting today.

I just wanted to thank you and your team for all the hard work over the past 6 months on some major projects with social media companies in the recruiting space. We have asked for an incredible amount of work to be done in a short time frame with what seemed to be a moving target at times. Our management team truly appreciates it and we thoroughly enjoy working with you guys."

Brian Peddle
VP Development & Technology, Jobscience
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