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VRP Expertise With Salesforce
for Real Estate‚Äč Industry

The real estate industry is one that is fast paced and ever-changing. If you do not do everything that you can to remain competitive and on top of all of the changes that occur, then it will not be very long before you are left in the dust.

It can be difficult, and practically impossible, to get all of the things done that you need to do while also trying to remain competitive in the market. You need to find ways in order to stand out and make a positive impression on both sellers and buyers. Salesforce for the real estate industry can help you do exactly that and is a way for you to grow your real estate business in your area.

Faster Response Times
When it comes to real estate, the faster you respond to potential clients, the more likely you will be in landing the contract. The real estate industry is one that is extremely fast paced and people want a fast response every single time. Salesforce Cloud Solutions implemented by VRP Consulting can help you to be more responsive by:
  • Providing you with a way of responding to customers faster through cloud-based systems and your device.
  • Ensuring your customers get immediate responses, whether automated or not, and eliminate the need for phone tag.
Save Time to Focus on Bigger Issues
In real estate, there are big issues and there are small issues. All of them have to be handled, but if there were ways that you could automate some of the smaller things, you could focus more on the bigger things. CRM and Salesforce Solutions by VRP Consulting can help by:
  • Automatically filling out forms and filing documents for you.
  • Keeping track of important dates and sending out necessary reminders on your behalf.
  • Allowing you to make better use of your time.
Easier Management of Your Leads
It is extremely important that you create lead lists from a variety of sources, but if you do not have time to gather or even contact these leads, it will do you no good. It can also get complicated when you are trying to manage and maintain multiple lists, which is often something that happens. This can be time consuming and very inefficient for you.
Salesforce Cloud Solutions by VRP Consulting can help you by:
  • Providing you with a concise list so you can manage it all from one place.
  • Allowing you to access your list from anywhere, even your mobile device.
  • Engaging your team and allowing them access so even if you are unavailable to help, someone else has access to the list and can assist.
  • Setting up and automatically sending out emails to your lead list to keep them interested and you at the top of their mind while saving you time from doing it.
Immediately Evaluate Your Work
The way that you are perceived in the industry is everything. You want to make sure that what you are doing will keep your customers happy and that you are not wasting your time with things that do not further your business. You could evaluate your work on a monthly or even yearly basis, but this is a very old method of doing things and with the way that technology is today, you should be able to do that immediately. With Salesforce Solutions by VRP Consulting, you can do that and gain these benefits:
  • Develop new relationships and win more contracts because you are faster than others in the market.
  • Learn from your mistakes and develop better processes as you go.
  • Enjoy more success with your clients and keep them happier.
  • Evaluate your effectiveness in real time so you can make the adjustments that are needed.

VRP has been a great partner. VRP has combined their Salesforce CRM Apex architecture and engineering expertise with our offerings to deliver extraordinary value to our clients. We have relied on them to assist us with proof of concepts that have resulted in driving sales and new client acquisition. In addition, they have a good channel for marketing of our core Demand Generation and Partner Relationship Management products."

Erich Flynn
President, TreeHouse Interactive
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