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VRP Expertise With Salesforce
for Gaming & Gambling Industry

Salesforce is a premier customer relationship management platform, with extensive features designed to elevate everything from an organization's marketing strategies to its customer service procedures.

For gaming and gambling companies, Salesforce Solutions by VRP Consulting can aid in everything from aggressive advertising campaigns to better remarketing. Here are just a few of its core benefits you need to effectively compete in the market. These are a few ways that Salesforce Solutions by VRP Consulting can help your business in the financial services industry.

Supercharge Your Advertising Strategies
  • Get an all-in-one suite of advanced marketing tools. Create and track multichannel advertising campaigns in a single consolidated and comprehensive dashboard for better reporting and more predictable results.
  • Reach out to current and prospective customers. Automated campaigns and messaging can be used to connect with employees either on a schedule or due to triggered events.
  • Stay ahead of the pack. Gaming and gambling companies are highly competitive. Salesforce gives a business the ability to pull away from the pack.
Increase the Productivity of Your Team
  • Improve the productivity of your customer service professionals. When contacted by customers, CSRs will have immediate access to purchasing history, account information and other detailed analysis.
  • Give employees everything they need. From real-time analysis and reporting to invoicing and contract tools, Salesforce can aid employees and customers at all stages of the sales journey.
  • Streamline business operations. Vendors and partners can be connected directly through the use of Salesforce communities. Reduce administrative costs. Standard administrative functions such as paperwork and document sharing can be completed
  • more quickly with Salesforce document sharing features.
Improving Customer Relationships
  • Personalize customer experiences through collected and analyzed data. Salesforce implemented by VRP Consulting collects information regarding customer behavior and purchasing to identify patterns and trends and provide better customer experiences. This includes automatic interactions such as customer retention emails.
    Improve communication between customers and employees. Gaming and gambling companies need to ensure that their customers are always satisfied. Using Salesforce for customer relationships creates a single dashboard through which communications can be managed, reducing the chance of missed communication and unresolved issues.
  • Improve selling through smart recommendations. The Salesforce AI is able to provide personalized recommendations for upselling based on detailed analysis and the customer's prior activities.
  • Prepare advanced reports. Salesforce is able to measure and analyze key performance indicators and other metrics important for gaming and gambling management.
Customizing Salesforce for the Gaming Industry with VRP Consulting
Gaming and gambling companies need to pivot quickly and to remain agile. Customizing Salesforce is often necessary to take full advantage of the product's features and to create the most effective platform. VRP Consulting has the experience, expertise, and specialized knowledge to create highly custom, optimized Salesforce installations. Through Salesforce, gaming and gambling companies can acquire the real-time analysis and report they need to remain ahead of the competition in a fast-moving and constantly changing industry. If you're interested in Salesforce for gaming industry clients, contact VRP Consulting today.

Over the past two years, we’ve come to regard VRP as a critical part of our development team. We've had to integrate hardware, mobile phone software, wireless networks and a web application into a seamless solution for our customers. VRP definitely understands the complexities of such a solution."

Eric J. Bowden
COO, Safe Driving Systems
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