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VRP Expertise With Salesforce
for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare organizations have a lot to gain from the customer management features of Salesforce. A scalable, flexible, and accessible solution, Salesforce Solutions by VRP Consulting can be used to connect clinics and labs throughout the world for better research and patient outcomes.

The Benefits of Salesforce for Healthcare and Life Sciences
Better security and compliance
One of the primary concerns when it comes to the healthcare industry lies in keeping patient information safe and secure. Salesforce for healthcare industry entities provides complete state-of-the-art privacy and security systems, including granular security controls and advanced and universal identity authentication systems.
Patient outreach and internal connectivity
When dealing with patient information, hospitals and other patient care facilities can find it difficult to reach all of their patients at once. Through Salesforce implemented by VRP Consulting, contacts at all levels of the organization can be managed in a single consolidated infrastructure, thereby making it easier for the organization to promote its internal programs and keep its departments connected.
Healthcare-oriented management
Salesforce has created a platform that is specifically designed for the healthcare industry, providing vital tools that clinics and labs need to complete their operations, analyze their data, and fine-tune business processes. Those within the healthcare industry know that it is a unique and complex discipline which has different needs from many other organizations.
Superior collaboration
Many healthcare organizations are still collaborating through a variety of systems that are not well optimized and that are not interconnected. Salesforce creates a complete consolidated system for communication and collaboration which can improve productivity and patient outcomes.
Automated scheduling and patient services. Salesforce Solutions can tie directly into healthcare-specific processes such as appointment scheduling, making it easier for customers to take control of their care and making it easier for healthcare administration to be completed.
Customizing Salesforce for Healthcare and Life Sciences
Customizing Salesforce for Healthcare and Life Sciences
VRP Consulting brings together decades of combined experience in the consulting and application development industry, providing the best in operational applications for businesses of all types.
Organizations in healthcare and life sciences looking to improve their operations and outreach can connect with VRP Consulting directly to find out more.

VRP's offshore engineering team is amazingly educated, attentive and disciplined. Working with them on a daily basis is efficient and keeps the development cycle moving around the clock. They provide valuable input to system architecture and design. In combination with the US team, little to nothing is lost in translation."

Kurt Hurtado
Director of Technology, Bottlenotes
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