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VRP Expertise With Salesforce
for Hospitality Industry

Salesforce is a first-rate tool for many businesses. In the hospitality industry, it can help tremendously. It can help your company stay competitive in the market. You provide personalized experiences for your clients and customers, win customer loyalty, and even create a stronger internal team.

Many businesses try to do these things on their own and suffer through the growing pains more than they need to. Others turn to Salesforce to provide them with the tools and expertise that they need to do better in the market. We provide Salesforce cloud solutions for the hospitality industry and help companies do more with what they have because we believe in it so much. These are just a few ways that VRP Consulting can help by providing Salesforce Solutions:

Tap Into New Marketing Automation
You likely spend way too much time as it is trying to market to your customers or potential customers. There is an easier way to do this. Not only is it more efficient, but it also is automated so you can set it up and forget about it. These are just a few ways Salesforce implemented by VRP Consulting for hotels can help you accomplish this:
  • Attract more customers with targeted campaigns for your website, services, and products.
  • Develop automated campaigns to send out to your subscribers on a regular basis.
  • Send personalized emails to customers based on preferences.
  • Explore and utilize cross-channel marketing through the innovative and intuitive system.
Make Your Guests Happier
The biggest goal that you likely have in this industry is making sure that all of your guests are comfortable and happy with the experience. Salesforce Solutions for hotel management can help you accomplish that exactly. The customer experience is what makes your business stand out from others in the industry. These are a few ways you can use Salesforce hospitality to kick-start this component of your business:
  • Create customized apps for your guests so that they can have an experience like none before.
  • Create a way for guests to easily communicate with the staff and management, both when there is a problem or when everything is wonderful.
  • Provide better recommendations for your guests as well as personalized offers to them by using some of the integrated software.
  • Determine your level of business efficiency as well as how well you are performing at different levels by using some of the data from your apps and feedback.
Make Your Team More Efficient
The best way to run an efficient hotel is by making your employees more efficient. The best way to run an efficient hotel is by making your employees more efficient. Every company needs a way for its staff to coordinate and function alongside in order to provide fabulous service to it’s clients. Hospitality Industry depends on the level of customer's satisfaction that can be achieved through employee social network to keep everyone up-to-date and make a transfer of information easier.
These are just a few ways Salesforce Solutions by VRP Consulting can assist with that:
  • Provide managers with greater technology capabilities with built-in capabilities.
  • Allow agents to better see the complete profile of your guests, including their purchase history.
  • Reduce time spent trying to complete paperwork by incorporating things such as DocuSign and other applications that can help reduce the amount of paperwork your employees have to manage with each guest.
  • Connect your suppliers and partners with your travel managers for easier collaboration.

As the founder of a successful startup, I must say that going with VRP Consulting was a blessing in disguise. VRP Consulting played many roles in helping us to develop a Salesforce integration plan and AppExchange submission. They even helped us to improve our product. It was a fantastic experience working with VRP Consulting. I am glad we found them."

Mikita Mikado
Co-Founder, Quote Roller
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