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VRP Expertise With Salesforce
for Transportation & Logistics Industry

In the transportation and logistics industry, knowing where the product is, where it is going and everything in between is extremely important, but it can be very difficult if you do not have the right systems in place.

If you are unable to keep track of your trucks and product, it can end up being very costly for your business and may even cause you to lose some clients. Since this type of management is such a huge component of the industry, it is vital that you make it a priority if you want to stay competitive. The right CRM software can help you in many aspects of running your company. VRP Consulting supports Salesforce because it is the type of software that can completely change your business in the following ways.

Allow Your Team More Visibility
Communication is key to transportation and logistics. If you are the only person who knows what is supposed to be going on or if something goes wrong, then you will run into communication issues. Salesforce makes communicating these types of things easier by:
  • Updating all information in real time so that your team does not have to spend time catching up due to late notifications.
  • Providing your employees with the visibility they need to prepare for shipments and various loads so that they can better serve your customers and easily get the job done right.
  • Updating all information in real time so that your team does not have to spend time catching up due to late notifications.
Keep Your Customers Happier and Updated
On the busiest of days, it may be hard to focus on customers who have already been taken care of because you will be more concerned with the ones who are pulling up to your facility. Instead of trying to make your job harder by opening up more lines of communication with your customers, you should work on automating some of your systems so that the communication happens instantly once a job is marked as done. Salesforce Cloud Solutions by VRP Consulting can do this by:
  • Automatically sending updates to your customers when an order has been marked as shipped or providing them with an estimated completion time.
  • Allowing them to schedule trucks for service on your calendar instead of waiting for one of your employees to get them on the books.
  • Providing them with their own access to their account so they can view their invoices as well as their previous services that have been completed by you.
  • Enabling 24/7 access for basic questions and even some scheduling, if your business allows for it.
Develop Better Marketing for Your Business
Logistics providers entered the stage where customers expect skyrocketing speed, digitization and 100% safety of their data. Your organisation most likely to have the set of new challenges in order to attract and keep the customers. VRP Consulting is willing to help you not to just sustain your business but to also ensure that you can get more business over time. You want to make sure that you are taking care of the customers you have first, but once that is done, you can shift your focus.
Get Insights on Performance of Your Business
Salesforce implemented by VRP Consulting can give you the tools that you need to evaluate what you are currently doing so that you can make smarter marketing and customer service moves by:
  • Evaluating your actions and service in real time so you can improve your business processes.
  • Outlining your current customer base to help you better hone in on your target market.
  • Contacting your leads, even cold ones, so that you can get more business.
  • Developing ways for your customers to give you feedback in real time so you can create better relationships and get referrals.

VRP has proven to be a versatile and responsive development partner, able to handle formal, complex design and programming projects as well as meet urgent client needs with only high-level directives. They work in the real world and get things done."

Dr. Alan Maloney
CEO, Cogent Medicine Inc.
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