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New digital platforms are changing the way consumers access information and entertainment. The rise in streaming services bring opportunities, as well as disruptions. From liking the smallest snippet to sharing the largest video, your Salesforce® platform can help you deliver continuous service, delighting your customers.

Media & Telco challenges

Complex sales order processing & account management

1000s of product SKUs, configurations and pricing rules can take time to put together and risk pricing errors. Customers expect access to manage their accounts, view simple package details and easy payment options.

Nurturing customer lifecycle

Exceeding customer expectations in terms of service and product availability is more important than ever as customers can easily switch from one provider to another. Understanding customers' choices enable personalised cross-selling and pro-active support.

Marketing at scale

Providing on brand and personal marketing campaigns across multiple channels that all build towards a buying decision whether that's a first time purchase, a cross-sell or up-sell.

Accessible data

Sales & Service representatives need full access to all details on mobile devices at any location to meet customer needs. Partner relationships require effective tools to exchange information between different systems.

Data security and privacy

Customers and regulators demand the highest level of data security and privacy. Maintaining customer trust is crucial for loyalty and long-term customer relationships. This ranges from tracking GDPR preferences to capturing financial data securely.

Industry Solutions

Agile sales processing

Build a harmonized product catalog which can be tweaked to suit the needs of each customer. Combine pricing features, such as bundles, tiers, dynamic pricing, price rules, approvals and auto-renewals in an enhanced UI, enabling the customer to make their own choices.

Data at work

Stand out from the competition in delivering personalised customer service. Track and share customer interactions between your staff. Leverage the rich data across your systems, empowering your customers to make their preferred choices.

Data-driven marketing

Create and distribute targeted marketing campaigns based on client data. Use the power of Marketing Cloud® or Pardot® to provide complex customer journeys that speak to each customers heart.

Data on the go

Implement and optimise mobile-friendly tools and analytics your staff need to manage sales and servicing. Salesforce Field Service Lightning® provides an opportunity to capture data on the go or in the office. ServiceX brings all your communication channels together in a single, easy-to-configure interface, integrated with your website

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GDPR compliance & data security

Salesforce follows best practices for a data processor and provides you with useful tools to stay GDPR compliant, by capturing personal preferences. Through user profile settings access to personal financial data can be restricted and maintained even when connected to one of our trusted accounting solution partners.

What are your options?

If you are taking your first steps with Salesforce®, evolving your existing platform or developing one-of-a-kind applications to disrupt your market, our experts can match your business needs with our full-cycle development and support.

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