Vonage & VRP Consulting

Transform your customer experience with engaging, omnichannel conversations. Whether you’re an agile enterprise or a growing startup, Vonage Communication APIs help you create better connections and deliver amazing experiences.

Built for the best quality and scalability in the market, the Vonage cloud communications platform is secure, compliant and offers outstanding reliability across voice, video, SMS and more.

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3 reasons why you should use Vonage as your communications partner

  • You need to connect employees and customers around the world;

  • You want to enhance/integrate your existing telecoms technology;

  • You need to provide a high quality of service for uninterrupted productivity.

VRP testimonial working with Vonage

We’re delighted to partner with Vonage. They offer our clients game-changing communications abilities that can power business growth, empower employees and ensure customers are always happy.

Will Lamb, Chief Revenue officer

VRP Consulting provides deep and focussed Salesforce expertise to help us bring the power of Vonage Communication APIs to even more organizations. With VRP, we know they’re being implemented perfectly every time.

Alex Rajkovic, Senior Alliances Executive

Challenges we solve together

  • Inability to support your global communications needs or ambitions.
  • Call drops, data loss and static during your communications.
  • Difficulty integrating existing communication technology with your CRM.
  • Disparate communications tools sapping productivity and causing silos.
  • Lacking the flexibility and capabilities to build the right experiences.
  • Unresolved concerns about corporate and customer data protection.
All these challenges and more can be solved by Vonage.

Time to build better communications with Vonage?

Reaching everyone

Easily expand beyond borders and scale your business with a global network and deployment.

Boosting productivity

Provide comms technology employees love to use, with everything they need within easy reach on one platform.

Delighting customers

Safeguard service quality with 99.999% uptime reliability to keep teams and agents connected constantly.

Vonage enables you to...

Connect people worldwide

Initiate and receive calls, live video and messages worldwide via an easy-to-use browser-based contact center.

Unify and go omnichannel

Build perfect custom experiences spanning every communication channel, within mobile, web and desktop applications.

Raise the quality of your service

Meet and exceed customer expectations thanks to a highly distributed architecture, multi-level fail-safes and cloud backup.

Services VRP Consulting Provides

  • Consulting

    Get the most out of your Salesforce and Vonage investments. Our consultants, architects, and developers can analyze your setup, identify your technical and business needs and then design a solution to achieve your business goals.
  • Implementation

    If you are looking to deploy your first Vonage, Salesforce or both solutions, our team of expert consultants and developers can help you realize your goals. We have helped global teams connect with their customers and provide elevated customer service.
  • Development

    Adapt your Salesforce and Vonage solutions to meet your particular needs. Our team knows how to tailor your stock solution into one that works for you, not against you. If there's an aspect that isn't matched to your business processes, we can develop a new solution that is.
  • Managed Services

    You can fully focus on your business and leave the management of your platform to us. With flexible monthly hours including roll-over hours, you can have an expert team on hand to provide ongoing support, pro-actively adapting your solution to enhance new features.
Which service do you need - Managed Services

VRP Consulting & Vonage: A powerful partnership

50 offices between us around the globe
7 billion potential customers via Vonage Tier 1 API network
100,000+ businesses choose Vonage worldwide

Find the right solution for your business

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