Accelerate working with large amounts of data in Salesforce

What is EditorX?

EditorX is a free app on the AppExchange with tools to simplify and ease the process of working with large amounts of data in Salesforce. EditorX provides actions related to mass data delete, edit, create, clone, import, export and save to PDF.

What can you do with EditorX?

EditorX facilitates making changes to multiple objects in Salesforce, saving Salesforce users and admins clicks and more importantly time. These speedy data manipulation tools allow businesses to update opportunities on a daily or even hourly basis, bulk add accounts and contacts after a big trade show, seamlessly resolve closed cases and delete single or multiple records.

Managers can use EditorX's tools to filter and manage custom and standard Salesforce objects. This can be used to analyse sales & service agents' performance as well as generate dashboards and reports to share with stakeholders.


Administrator productivity

Mass editing tools and filters reduce time and errors in daily account management tasks enabling a more accurate picture through regular updates.

  • Save time
  • Filter data
  • Import & export
  • Share data
  • Update via spreadsheet

Departmental efficiency

Management gain insights into agent and sales team performance through accurate reports and dashboards.

  • Generate reports
  • Notice trends
  • Create dashboards
  • Analyse performance


What are your options?

Download today or learn more by requesting a demo. If you are taking your first steps with Salesforce, or evolving your existing platform, EditorX will ease your data manipulation processes, saving your administrators time whilst providing management productivity insights.

What are your options
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