Most companies are looking for better ways to serve their clients and to improve their business. One of the ways they can do this is by becoming a Salesforce Product Development Partner. As part of this Salesforce PDO Partnership, there are many opportunities to do more and make a difference. However, there is also a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to this opportunity, which can prevent companies from taking the plunge. Understanding what it is and how it works can help you gain a benefit for your own product development.


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What Is PDO?



PDO stands for “Product Development Organization.” PDO represents a large group of people and companies that can range from vendors who know how to create apps via Salesforce and those who are consulting partners. PDO is part of the Salesforce Partner Service Program, and as a part, can help provide you with things like the training you need to succeed, marketing for your product or app, funding to create your product or app, and even customizing and selling it to the market.



Many PDOs focus on helping you create and design commercial apps. They are usually third-party groups that work on specific portions of your app and can help you with the components that you are stuck on or do not have the right knowledge to execute.





They are there to help fill a void for your process. They can help in a variety of areas, including: your billing process, any technical issues you may be experiencing, deploying your business automation, and many other complex processes.



How to Become a Product Development Partner



The first requirement for becoming a Product Development Partner is knowing like the back of your hand. That means you need to have the knowledge and expertise in launching apps, designing apps, developing apps and even building apps that are designed for the Salesforce AppExchange.



You need to be able to show a history of success in these areas before you can be accepted into the group. This is not only something that you can showcase that you have done for your own company, but also for your clients. Beyond that, it is about being able to specialize in an area and really do well in that area. The experience should be recent as well, no more than 18 months in the past. Lastly, you will have to pass a few certifications through Salesforce to showcase your knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem.



Why You Should Use a PDO Partner



One of the benefits of using Salesforce is knowing that you will get quality service. This is not only from the employees but also the partners. One of the benefits of using a PDO partner is that you can ensure that the work will get done well and that the quality of your app will be exceptional. Additionally, it lessens the time you have to spend on the app. You gain access to tech support if you do run into problems, so you always know you have a reputable company on your side, even when using a partner.



In 2013 VRP Consulting became one of only a select few Salesforce-certified product development organizations (PDO) in the world. With 200+ Salesforce employees, VRP directs the entire application lifecycle, from business analysis and application specs, through ongoing management and maintenance.



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