Welk Resorts reduces time spend on document management from hours to minutes

To speed up their business processes, Welk Resorts timeshare company integrates sales and marketing automation, and thereby dramatically reduces the number of manual steps in the workflow for their call center agents, marketers and sales managers.


Dynamic one-click document generation and verification
28%A 28% increase in lead-to-sales conversion rate
65%Sales reps now close deals 65% faster
30%Customer claims reduced by 30%
DocuSign, Conga Composer, Sales Cloud, Lightning Framework, Marketing Cloud, Integration with National Do Not Call, Experian, Stripe.
Founded back in 1964 as a hospitality company, Welk Resorts eventually morphed into the global leader in the vacation ownership and hospitality industry. Today it is known as a giant timeshare company operating six luxury vacation ownership properties featuring over 1,200 accommodations in San Diego, Palm Springs and Lake Tahoe in California, Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of Baja, Mexico, Branson, Missouri, and now Breckenridge.

Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud | Industry: Hospitality | Region: USA


Salesforce Custom Development, 3d-party Integrations, Salesforce Support

Enhancing Salesforce User Adoption

Welk Resorts is a California-based corporation operating a timeshare business and vacation rentals and offering a whole gamut of vacation and entertainment services ranging from car rental, golfing and theatre tickets to journeys across Welk Resorts locations and cultural dinner shows.

Prior to tapping into the Salesforce ecosystem, the company employees had been using the outdated, yet painfully simple-to-use, Legacy platform, and they felt utterly comfortable with it. However, in the age of digital transformation, the company executives felt the pressing need to find and adopt new technologies that would revolutionize the process of lead generation and streamline sales activities. Nonetheless, the subsequent implementation of the Salesforce platform did not change the current situation in that employees wouldn’t adopt the new system and kept on using the outdated Legacy, which is immensely time-consuming. This is where VRP Consulting came in.

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To address the client’s key concerns and eventually improve their business productivity, VRP Consulting first off had to specify clear objectives.

  • The primary objective was to automate the sales pipeline and digitize all marketing and sales processes from lead generation and qualification through lead scoring and creating targeted email marketing to generating documents and closing a deal.
  • Inasmuch as a fair share of leads come from phone calls, one of our teams’ first and overriding priorities was to enhance the telemarketers’ engagement with Salesforce.
  • The same goes for their sales and marketing department.
  • What’s more, since there was no data consolidation, it was pivotal to create a centralized lead database that would store information about leads in a single location and enable the sales managers, marketers and cold calls agents to access it from a number of different points, which would definitely speed up business processes.
  • Along with that, VRP Consulting faced a big challenge of preserving the simplicity and usability of the Legacy system in order to turn Salesforce adoption into a seamless experience for Welk Resorts employees.

Introducing Workflow Automation

Having conducted an in-depth business analysis and audit, VRP Consulting finally came up with top-notch, robust custom solutions to best fulfill the client’s unique needs.

Salesforce Engagement

To boost Salesforce engagement and help agents streamline their lead generation, we designed a user-friendly interface for Sales Console, which now provides its users with a plethora of handy options. For example, we created and configured the proper call scripts for agents enabling them to address cold and hot leads with relevant communications at the most opportune time based on the rules set.

Lead Nurturing

Furthermore, to help the agents nudge static leads off the fence, we automated the process of lead nurturing through implementing the system that reminds the agents about the time to contact the stalled lead again. The same goes for targeting qualified leads with auto messages offering a discount or a coupon code on special occasions like anniversaries or wedding days– we managed that as well.

Lead Scoring

It’s also worth mentioning that VRP Сonsulting set up a lead scoring system through integrating with Experian, which allows evaluating an individual’s creditworthiness and thereby aids Welk Resorts in managing lead prioritization.

Do Not Call

We integrated with the national Do Not Call system that now enables telemarketers to check if a phone number is on the Do Not Call List to avoid customer complaints and legal compliance issues that incur fines for infractions. Besides, it allows agents to prioritize their resources and time and hone in on the most valuable group of prospects.

Salesforce User Adoption

Since Salesforce is a sophisticated platform with a rich set of features and advanced functionality, we had to go the extra mile to simplify the system and thereby enhance Salesforce user adoption. With this in mind, we used Lightning Experience that allowed us to build a highly-intuitive, user-friendly environment.


As for the sales process, we were able to improve the sales performance through automating every step of the sales pipeline from identifying prospects to closing a sale.

To automate the sales process, we created a flow that is capable of processing data entered by sales reps in an instant. Since their sales reps are working out in the field using laptops or tablets, it was critical to provide them with a robust solution that would enable them to swiftly calculate the cost of the holiday deal, and once the lead has approved of the deal, to generate a document suite in a few clicks and submit the contract for eSignature.

Offline mode

Not only did our customized solution met the above mentioned needs, but it also opened up an unparalleled opportunity for the sales reps to work in the offline mode and successfully negotiate a sale without any fear of losing data even if they face Internet connection issues, since it ensures quick saving of the data being entered.

Payment system (Stripe)

To recap, we implemented a complete customization of the existing functionality, which allowed us to reduce the number of manual steps in the workflow for sales reps and provide end-to-end business processes automation – be it document generation or the payment process that now can be carried out right away directly in the browser, since we integrated with the Stripe payment system.

Reducing Overbooking

One more point to consider is Welk Resort’s collaboration with other hotels. The thing is, sometimes errors in the planning system cause overbookings, so they somehow have to manage overbookings through relocating guests to one of their nearby sister properties. The problem was that they couldn’t track the actual room availability in alternate hotels. Hands down, calling hotels in the nearby area to find out whether there is an alternative accommodation that can deliver the similar guest experience is a time-sapping process. Hence, it’s not an option. To that end, we came up with a better solution and integrated Salesforce with a hotel booking API showing the real-time data on available inventory and prices.

Upsell and Cross-sell (Personalization of Content in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud)

As to the marketing strategy, we helped our client to craft targeted landing pages with personalized content based on their customer’s browsing and/or purchase history, which enabled marketers to personalize web experience of their consumers through offering personal discounts or alternative and complementary products and services on landing pages or via personalized emails, and thereby improve their upselling and cross-selling strategies.

Data Consolidation

Along with that, we delivered a reliable data consolidation solution, which made account-related information accessible for targeted email marketing and other marketing campaigns, as well as helped the sales department to enable an effective sales pipeline and the most accurate sales forecast.

Key Takeaways

  • We carried out a complete customization of Salesforce functionality, which drastically increased employee productivity and Salesforce user adoption.
  • We automated all steps of the sales cycle and communication with prospects, and thereby streamlined the whole business process.
  • Salesforce optimization dramatically reduced the time spent on document management - what used to take hours, can now be done in minutes.
  • The document automation was implemented through integration with DocuSign and Conga Composer tools.
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