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"VRP is very flexible, highly skilful, supportive all the time and made the implementation a smooth & easy to reach goal. VRP Consulting Inc is not just a Consulting firm, they are a team player."

Vinod Kumar Ravichandran, Sales & Business Development, BVT

The Challenge

BVT was growing fast. Their industry experience from previous companies was helping them find their place in the market and winning customers. But this fast growth was presenting new challenges. The ways they worked, using excel spreadsheets, emails and locally held information from sales reps made it slow to share information and risked errors creeping in to its record keeping. Because the company was growing so fast, they needed a solution fast that would take the burden off their shoulders and allow them to keep focus on growing the business.

The Wish

BVT wished for a streamlined system that would unify all their data and processes. With simple to enter data from opportunities and site visits along with proper procedures in place to take opportunities to purchase, as well as tools to manage site visits. The management team also wanted automatically generated reports that would let them evaluate the effectiveness of their systems without spending valuable time filling in excel spreadsheets with diverse and inconsistent data.

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The Solution

BVT discovered Salesforce Sales Cloud and the Quick Start initiative; a program to help establish a company's foundation in Salesforce with basic functionality, which can be expanded at a future stage. The Salesforce sales department recommended VRP Consulting as BVT's implementation partner to ensure their new system would fit the way they worked and meet their specific needs. This included creating an opportunity process, reports for conversion tracking, a custom visit object for on-site visit tracking and planning, as well as enabling notes and PDFs for various objects. 

The Stages

As this was a QuickStart project, BVT did not want or need a long discovery process. It was more important to get their foundation in place fast. Therefore, the discovery session was completed remotely. The project was completed in four weeks (though the project lasted five weeks as one week was a public holiday). The consulting and development work was completed ahead of schedule, therefore allowing additional functionality to be set up, at no additional cost and within the same timescale. The discovery process involved a questionnaire and a follow-up call to identify BVT’s core objectives and key requirements.

Once confirmed the QuickStart team commenced the design and delivery phases, which lead to a demonstration to BVT, enabling feedback and QA testing. Although BVT was satisfied that we had fulfilled the initial scope and everything was functional, they identified several additional functionalities that would benefit their work: an additional filter logic, additional formula fields to save time on manual calculations, and an updated picklist so users can pick more than one asset.

    • The Result

      In a very short space of time BVT had their Salesforce foundation in place, making day to day work easier and the company overall more productive. Their opportunity capture process has been simplified and unified, which has increased their ability to analyse performance through automated report creation and distribution. The additional functionality beyond the QuickStart specification has helped save even more time in completing minor daily tasks.  With this foundation in place, they are now ready to expand and add extra functionality to help continue developing their business process as they grow. 

    • Company Profile

      Based in Säffle Sweden, BVT has experts with over 30 years’ experience in turbine bypass, steam conditioning, temperature control, design and manufacturing processes. BVT design all sorts of control valve systems to fulfil its customer’s requirements. ​

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