Salesforce Custom Development Services

Extend your capabilities with Salesforce® Custom Development Services from the winners of the 2022 and 2020 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award.

What is custom Salesforce

Sometimes you need a little more from your Salesforce CRM and pre-built apps on the AppExchange. We help clients fill the gaps with custom developed applications on their Salesforce platform. Whether you want to create a new workflow, integrate third-party solutions or automate business processes, our expert developers can quickly identify each requirement, build a custom application and easily integrate it to your existing platform. As it is built within the Salesforce ecosystem, you can rely on your app to be robust, secure and mobile-ready.

Salesforce development is perfect if...

  • You have a specific capability or an industry process which is not being addressed by native Salesforce solutions
  • you cannot find a pre-built solution on the AppExchange
  • you would like to have your own business app to exactly replicate your internal processes

Our Salesforce Custom Development Services

Salesforce Platform App Development

Our expert developers are experienced in building one-of-a-kind applications using best practices, from working across the entire Salesforce ecosystem and a wide range of industries. This means your custom app will be quickly available for seamless integration into your existing Salesforce platform, giving you powerful custom functionality, business automation tools and services to see an early return on your investment.

Salesforce Admin

The team of certified Salesforce administrators can carry out a wide range of maintenance, support and admin activities upon your request. This can include setting up and managing customer and partner communities, configuring the approval process, configuring user permissions, creating reports and dashboards, defining validation rules, configuring Salesforce for Lightning, etc…

Salesforce Technical Consultants

Our Salesforce certified technical consultants can undertake a tech audit to test application security and carry out custom development tasks, such as building custom objects and relationships with other objects, data migration, defining and implementing workflows, designing page layouts, process automation using process builder, configure Web to Lead/case and Email to lead rules as well as complex security permissions.

Marketing Cloud Customization

A dedicated team of certified experts will configure and customize your existing Marketing Cloud, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot), Email studio, Automation studio, Journey builder, and AMP Scripts. This will enable you to rapidly deploy new business specific processes through automation with support by certified Marketing Cloud Admins.

Salesforce App Integration

Our team will quickly integrate your custom app with other Salesforce Clouds and connect with third-party solutions such as websites, social media, Google analytics, ERP, eCommerce finance apps, and others.

Custom Integration

If you need your solution to be integrated with any bespoke or niche tools and services, we can complete any custom integrations you require to ensure these business-critical elements function and perform as well as you need them to.

Migration Services

We can migrate your existing business data, from another CRM or Salesforce org, to your new Salesforce solution, ensuring compliance and security throughout. We can also cleanse and de-duplicate your data to increase its quality if required.

Salesforce Analytics

Experienced admins will configure your existing Einstein analytics settings within your CRM package. For more complex predictive analytics requirements, our specialist technical team will connect your CRM to extended powerful BI capabilities using Tableau, Einstein and Analytics Cloud.

Salesforce Health Check

Our experts can perform a Health Check to find any areas where your existing Salesforce platform can be optimized or identify and diagnose any issues that may have previously been holding you back, so you can ensure everything is working as effectively as possible.

Training and documentation

We will ensure your team is ready to use your solution competently and effectively, with comprehensive documentation and training, including where we “train the trainer”, enabling them to upskill and onboard their colleagues.

Why choose our Salesforce Custom Development Services?

We are a global full-service Salesforce Consulting Partner, PDO Expert, Consulting Partner and Tableau Partner, delivering innovation for all sizes of clients across the entire Salesforce platform. Our deep bench of experts will ensure your Salesforce platform is completely fit to support your employees’ productivity and your business growth

2000+ projects

with over 350 clients across 12 years, delivering high-quality projects with CSATs averaging 4.8/5 and many repeat clients


professional developers and consultants proficient across the Salesforce ecosystem, with a deep and versatile bench of experts


industry and cloud expertise, best-in-class ISV partners, and our own library of proprietary apps, to deliver perfect custom solutions


to deliver effectively for all projects from QuickStarts to multi-year enterprise transformation programs

16 offices

in 12 countries with client-facing teams in EU, UK, Canada and USA and delivery hubs at scale in Poland, Bulgaria and the Philippines


client services including consulting, outsourcing, custom development, QA testing and managed services support


with clear communication, efficient project management and keen focus on quality and delivering business value


blend of local and remote certified experts to provide engagement and delivery that is right for your business

Consulting partner

The Salesforce development process

1. Analysis

To come up with the tech pool that best fits your solution, we’ll carefully study your needs and concerns.
  • Analyzing business case and client requirements
  • Documenting business processes
  • Defining architecture errors, security vulnerabilities, and potential limitations and risks
  • Strategic planning and resource breakdown

2. Discovery

Your priorities are what we have in mind for the whole project. We’ll think through every possible use case so as to design a neat workflow that efficiently addresses them all.
  • System architecture optimization plan
  • App architecture defects diagnosis
  • Security system analysis
  • License management

3. Solution Design

To clearly communicate your business identity, we’ll customize your solution's performance and usability.
  • Role-based access and permissions
  • Unparalleled data security
  • Streamlined turnaround
  • Industry-specific standards adherence

4. Development

We keep you updated and give opportunities for input throughout development, letting you see progress via show-and-tell sessions, live demos and prototypes.
  • Sprint planning
  • Product re-evaluation after every sprint
  • Updates and modifications to exclusively tailor software to your business needs
  • Integrations with third-party tools and services

5. Quality Assurance (QA)

Our dedicated QA Department performs rigorous testing according to industry best practices. To ensure your solution is high-quality and stable.
  • Unit tests and code reviews
  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Test automation

6. User Training

VRP’s experts are adept at training our clients to use their custom solutions, increasing user adoption and effectiveness..
  • On-site or hybrid training
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Admin training (optional)
  • Self-access training materials

7 Support

We’re here to help you make the most of your new solution, swiftly providing help and guidance from our experts.
  • No-delay assistance
  • Guaranteed resources
  • Consistent workflow
  • Proactive approach
  • Benefits of building Salesforce custom solutions

  • A customized platform

    With a perfectly customized solution, including UI customization, you can be sure it’s easy to use and fits your needs and workflow.
  • Self-service apps

    You can provide services and tools that customers can access by themselves, reducing your support overheads and streamlining customer service.
  • Better data quality

    Your custom solution can safeguard data accuracy with automated data validation and measures against duplication or corruption.
  • Your single source of truth

    By bringing together all your data in one easily-accessible place, arranged how you want it, you have your very own single source of truth.
  • Boost efficiency

    Streamline business processes throughout your organization and put third-party tools and services at hand, where they’re needed.

Technologies we use in Salesforce customization and configuration

Sales Cloud | Service Cloud | Experience Cloud (Community Cloud) | Einstein | Revenue Cloud (CPQ) | Lightning | Chatter | Nonprofit Cloud | Education Cloud | Maps & Territory Planning | SalesTrip

App Development:

Salesforce Platform (formerly | AppExchange | Salesforce Mobile

Marketing Automation:

Marketing Cloud | Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)

Custom Development:

Salesforce Apex | Aura | Lightning Web Components | Salesforce DX | Visualforce | Canvas | SOAP | REST


MuleSoft | Jitterbit | Dell Boomi

Data Management:

Pentaho Kettle | Talend |

Business Intelligence | Reporting:

Tableau | Analytics Cloud® | Einstein

PaaS | IaaS:

Heroku | AWS | Azure | Google Cloud


Vue.js | Rx.js | Angular.js | Angular | JavaScript | jQuery | React.js | Java | .NET

Our proprietary Salesforce products

We have created our own range of Salesforce AppExchange apps and solutions: the VRP Salesforce Accelerators. You can have the confidence we will put the same high level of expertise, innovation and quality into creating your solution.

  • ServiceX

    Unifies all your communication channels together in a single-view help center.
  • TesterX

    Streamlines manual software development and quality assurance processes.
  • DashboardX

    Enables you to turn a standard report into a custom dashboard via creative design tools.
  • GivingX

    Connects your Salesforce CRM with giving sites used for fundraising purposes.
  • EditorX

    Simplifies and eases the process of working with large amounts of data in Salesforce.
  • PatientX

    Allows medical companies to deploy pre-built, next-gen mobile communities and portals.
  • DataMAX

    Helps users to quickly, easily and efficiently seed sandboxes with representative data.
  • WorkforceX

    Enables optimized employee workload management via a centralized absence request process.

Industry expertise

  • Manufacturing

    Achieving innovation through collaborative platforms
  • Nonprofit

    Connecting donors to communities and optimize fundraising
  • Financial Services

    Streamlining client engagement and optimizing customer service
  • Travel & Hospitality

    Driving customer engagement and loyalty to increase revenue
  • Hi-Tech

    Enabling innovation and bringing new products to market
  • Communications

    Optimizing customer service, driving loyalty and engagement
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences

    Improving patient care and connecting communities and service
  • Retail

    Innovating eCommerce experiences, integrating marketing and sales
  • Energy & Utilities

    Powering digital transformation, boosting service and customer retention
  • Media & Entertainment

    Helping companies understand and reach new audiences
  • Recruitment

    Enhancing lead generation and recruitment campaigns
  • Education

    Transforming student, faculty and staff experiences

Salesforce Clouds we work with

Sales Cloud

Sell smarter with deeper customer insights

Marketing Cloud

Personalize marketing with relevant, timely messages

Service Cloud

Automate and expedite B2B marketing and sales processe

Experience Cloud

Quickly respond to customer needs on any channel

Commerce Cloud

Provide personalized customer experiences for deeper engagement

Health Cloud

Drive revenue with personalized customer experiences

Nonprofit Cloud

Ensure better patient experience with smart healthcare management

Revenue Cloud

Configure quotes with greater speed and accuracy

Field Service

Optimized customer service with a powerful field service hub


Empower employees to unlock value pools with predictive analytics

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Achieve more from your mission with innovative technology


VRP Consulting is a team of highly experienced and certified experts. Our focus is to provide you the highest level of DevOps expertise and support.

Trusted by

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Custom development models we offer

Full software development outsourcing

Handling the entire development lifecycle of your custom Salesforce application

Augmenting your in-house resources

Outsourcing our experts for your project or providing admins via VRP Managed Services

Product Development Outsourcing (PDO)

Developing your product and assisting you in taking it to market on the AppExchange

More advantages of choosing VRP

  • Solutions for all sizes

    Achieving innovation through collaborative platforms
  • 1 of only 9 global PDO experts

    recognized by Salesforce
  • Long-term support

    to maintain and evolve your custom solution as long as you need our help
  • Cost-effective

    engagement options to deliver maximum value, whatever your budget
  • Business-minded

    app architects ensure your solution fits your goals and your industry
  • Flexibility

    to accommodate your project timeline and adapt to the timescale you need
  • Agile methodologies

    Improving patient care and connecting communities and service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Salesforce app development means creating a bespoke software solution that makes the best possible use of your Salesforce platform, your digital processes and your data. The flexibility and powerful capabilities of Salesforce mean that it can be used to build a wide range of applications and services. If you require a particular feature or item of functionality that wasn’t provided in your original Salesforce implementation, our Salesforce Custom Development Services can give you what you need.

Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship (CRM) platform. With Salesforce, you can unify your sales, marketing, service, commerce and IT teams in one integrated platform that allows you to engage customers, sell smarter and grow your business, launch and scale eCommerce, provide high-quality customer service and more. If your organization already uses Salesforce, custom development allows you to gain even more value and effectiveness from your investment. If not, it’s the ideal flexible platform for digital transformation and future growth.

Many organizations lack the expertise and resources to build custom solutions in-house. You may not have the required skill-sets to create a solution, or you may discover it falls short in terms of functionality, performance and security. However, hiring a skilled developer or a team, for this project alone may not be economical. On the other hand, if you do have the in-house expertise, it may not be practical or cost-effective to dedicate these experts to what can potentially be a long and labor-intensive project if you “go it alone”. Engaging our expert Salesforce Custom Development Services means you can rest assured you will get the results you need, swiftly and economically, according to the highest Salesforce development standards.

Yes. We’re experienced at migrating clients’ legacy systems to the Salesforce platform. Our tried-and-tested approach allows you to maintain business operations, avoid data loss and ensure adoption. It involves analyzing your system architecture, configuration and customization of your data and security models, applying the necessary business logic and user interface elements and migrating your data. Finally, we run both solutions in parallel for a period before decommissioning your legacy system. To find out more, consult one of our experts today.

Yes. We can build custom apps for the Apple iOS and Android operating systems. We will provide your users with high performance and security, whether they are end customers, partners or your employees. With our help, you can give customers innovative new eCommerce experiences and self-service capabilities, and provide employees with powerful new tools to raise productivity on the go.

Find the right solution for your business

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