Acquiring new customers, delivering leading-edge recruitment to both new & long-term clients, and finding the perfect candidate in less time are common challenges the recruitment industry faces daily. The current pandemic has meant recruiters need to adapt and seize innovative solutions to keep a pool of great talent and support the fluctuating needs of their clients.

Recruitment solutions

Find qualified candidates faster

Bullhorn for Salesforce gives you tools to advertise positions, search for suitable candidates and manage records to find qualified candidates for positions, fast.

Get a 360 degree view on Recruitment

Your whole team can manage the recruitment process with a connected system that is reliable and delivers. The Bullhorn powered Candidate Workspace is a collaborative environment to manage all your candidate's data, with one-click actions for tasks.

Einstein recommendations

Use the power of Einstein AI to match suitable and qualified candidates to open positions without taking up valuable work hours.

Submit candidates, with a single step

Quick submit lets you complete all the tasks to submit candidates to open vacancies with a single step. With the job manager database, email templates, and workflows which contact every part of the chain, recruiters can submit more qualified candidates for positions faster.

Easy collaboration

Whether you need to connect your leads to candidates or simply keep the relevant internal stakeholders informed, by connecting Bullhorn with your Salesforce platform you can make collaboration seamless. Automated workflows drive the process ensuring all-around communication and building relationships.

Candidate application portals

Collect candidate applications with a custom portal built on Community Cloud. We've configured and deployed portals for government and private recruiters that integrate with their Applicant Tracking System.

Integrated data

Connecting Salesforce CRM data with recruitment specific applications within the Salesforce Platform not only provides a complete picture of vacancies and applicants, it also ensures data security and reliability.

Reports and dashboards

High-level overviews in custom dashboards enable proactive strategic decision making. Drilldown capabilities into individual client delivery and applicant journeys provide insights to drive revenue and connect people with new opportunities.

Proactive communications

Connecting with clients and candidates in their preferred communication channels, promotion via social media platforms as well as personalized email marketing campaigns all build relationships and deliver new business opportunities.

Bullhorn for Salesforce

All your challenges and more can be solved by Bullhorn apps for Salesforce. Our partnership with Bullhorn provides best of breed solutions tailored for your specific recruitment needs.

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