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gained a sustained engineering team, QA automation and team augmentation as per client project needs.

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    Provide a sustained engineering team, QA automation and team augmentation as per client project needs
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Effie Zhang

Effie Zhang, Senior Product Engineer

I was immediately impressed by the VRP team's ability to get up to speed with our work and take on core responsibilities. Communicating with them has been easy from day one and their work ethic has been exceptional.”

Effie Zhang, Senior Product Engineer

The Challenge

Fonteva's success in delivering one of the leading AppExchange event and membership solutions had brought challenges along with it. With more unique customer use cases, client enhancement requests and an aggressive product roadmap, their development and testing resources were stretched.

The Wish

Fonteva wished to accelerate their releases while ensuring the highest quality of code and security. They wanted a partner who could tackle their backlog and automate QA processes so their core team would be free to focus on the core roadmap and delight their customers with innovative apps to meet various requirements.



Incoming Support Requests Covered


Faster Test Conversion Process


Packages Through The Security Review


3D-S Payment Technology

The Solution

VRP Consulting provided resources to supplement Fonteva's development and testing teams. One team was dedicated to reviewing and automating Fonteva's QA workflows to accelerate the month-long testing process, another team took over security responsibilities, ensuring Fonteva's packages passed the Salesforce security review and a final team to help tackle Fonteva's backlog. During the course of their engagements, each team's responsibilities evolved to meet ongoing changes and short-term needs.

The Stages

Fonteva approached VRP Consulting after learning about its status as a PDO expert and experience in QA automation. VRP Consulting provided two initial teams who began working alongside Fonteva's main product team to ensure a comprehensive understanding of Fonteva's products and practices. Soon, however, the VRP team was split to focus on tackling customer support requests and the backlog, freeing Fonteva's product development team to focus on the core roadmap. During this time the QA automation team set about enhancing Fonteva's testing process by identifying and implementing optimization and automation opportunities.

After reviewing the in-house testing framework, the QA team outlined and implemented a new strategy which produced more effective testing, eliminated duplicate tests and automated almost 500 test cases to date. Due to the impressive results from the initial teams, Fonteva engaged VRP to provide a security team to identify security risks and ensure their apps passed the notoriously difficult Salesforce Security Review. When the need to implement the 3-DS payment standard in compliance with European regulations arose, the VRP Consulting team was reallocated to help meet the deadline ensuring compliance.

    • The Result

      Fonteva's value pipeline has been dramatically increased with every release, each packed with more features, updates and bug fixes. Fonteva's core team can focus on delivering their roadmap with the knowledge that the VRP team can handle customer support tickets and tackle the backlog. The security team has ensured faster passing of the Salesforce Security Review, while the QA automation team has already automated over 400 test cases. The collective benefits of these three teams will continue to compound as they continue their contributions in development, security and automation.

    • Company Profile

      Fonteva, a Salesforce® Partner since 2010 and a part of Togetherwork since February 2021, is the leading provider of membership, events, and eCommerce solutions built on the Salesforce platform. At the heart of everything Fonteva does is its quest to equip and empower its customers to meet the unique needs of their communities. By harnessing the power of the Salesforce platform for membership and event management, Fonteva delivers highly configurable solutions that grow and strengthen the relationships that organizations are built on.

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