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We can help your organization increase your sustainability with Salesforce Net Zero Cloud. We offer consulting, implementation and integration solutions via our expert Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Services.

What is Salesforce Net Zero Cloud and why is it important?

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is a trusted platform for Salesforce that provides a single source of truth for your environmental data. It allows you to track, analyze and report on carbon emissions and waste management data. Now you can be more sustainable, reduce emissions and enhance your organization’s performance and reputation in terms of green practices.

The benefits of a sustainable approach

    Proof of brand ethics

    Customers, partners and prospective hires will look more favorably on your business if you are a sustainable company that cares about climate change and takes action to reduce your carbon footprint.

    Growth and confidence

    Sustainability is an increasingly important growth factor for organizations everywhere. Consumer confidence is also becoming more and more dependent on organizations’ environmental consciousness.

    Cutting costs and impact

    By understanding and reducing your organization’s energy and travel costs and impact, your business can become more economically efficient as well as more environmentally friendly.

Different emission scopes measured

Scope 1

A direct emission from a company-owned and controlled resource, including those from company facilities or vehicles.

Scope 2

An indirect carbon emission from the generation of purchased energy from a utility provider (e.g. via electricity or gas).

Scope 3

All indirect emissions, apart from those included in Scope 2, occurring in your value chain, including those upstream and downstream.

How our Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Services can help

VRP Consulting’s Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Services can expertly implement and configure this powerful platform so you can make the most of it. We will ensure your solution fits your organization perfectly and gives you the best possible picture of your energy consumption and impact on the environment. With easy reporting and a simple but powerful dashboard that gives you the actionable insights you need to shape your climate action strategy, you can achieve the transparency that clients, shareholders and employees need.

Harnessing your data to make a difference

1. Define your assets

First, define which assets’ CO2 emissions will be monitored - e.g., facilities, vehicles and machinery.

2. Gather the data

Next, identify the sources of your energy usage data, e.g., records kept by your organization or suppliers.

3. Connect and collect

Bring usage data into the solution (e.g., via integration, migration or manual entry) and track it via Energy Use Records.

4. Set the calculations

Match the Energy Use Records with the appropriate Emission Factors to calculate the CO2 produced.

5. Audit carbon footprints

Use the Energy Use Records to build different types of carbon footprints for your organization.

6. Visualize and act

Finally, get a clear picture of your carbon emissions and environmental impact, via dashboards and reports, and act accordingly.

Key features of Salesforce Net Zero Cloud

Carbon Footprint Forecast

Set your goals and define a Carbon Footprint Forecast model for your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

Energy Use Records

Translate energy use data to carbon emissions based on globally conforming emission conversion factors.

What-if Analysis

Perform scenario planning based on your cost and emissions inventory and visualize potential outcomes.

Supplier Management

See supplier-generated Scope 3 emissions and get insights into their processes’ impact on carbon emissions.

Climate Action Dashboard*

Gain a single view of your total carbon footprint, across Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

Waste Data Management

Manage your organization's waste efficiently by harnessing waste data from multiple sources.

Business Travel Impact Dashboard*

Review organization-wide travel emissions, including those from air travel, ground travel and hotel stays.

Science-Based Targets Module

Set goals in line with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), which validates emission goals in keeping with the Paris Agreement.

Sustainability Audit Dashboard*

See all the critical elements influencing sustainability, such as Greenhouse Gas (GHG) summary, energy consumption, asset types and emission factors.

Scope 3 Emissions Hub

Track Scope 3 emissions data via a dedicated application for granular tracking of environmentally extended input-output (EEIO).

*Powered by Tableau

Your Salesforce Net Zero Cloud implementation

Why choose our Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Services?

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Consulting partner

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What are your options?

Whether you’re taking your first steps with Salesforce and Net Zero Cloud, or refining and evolving your existing platform, our Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Services can match your needs with full-service consulting and delivery projects, staff augmentation or support. Click to find out more.

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