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Copado is a leading provider of Salesforce® DevOps solutions to Streamline your DevOps for improved software quality and faster releases, while maintaining compliance and governance. Founded in 2013 by two release engineers, the team behind Copado understands the challenges of managing hundreds of Salesforce deployments across a multitude of different orgs, sandboxes and even countries.

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4 reasons why you should use Copado to run your DevOps

  • You want to gain a 360o view of your DevOps to streamline software development;

  • You want to accelerate development cycles to bring new features to end-users;

  • You are managing multiple Salesforce orgs and keeping track of deployments is a struggle;

  • You want instant access to development management data to optimize development oversight.

VRP testimonial working with Copado

Copado offers fantastic Salesforce DevOps solutions to help accelerate development, raise standards, and provide management oversight. We're delighted to help businesses drive digital transformation together.

Will Lamb, Chief Revenue Officer, UKI

We're delighted to be partnered with VRP Consulting to help companies drive digital transformation through DevOps. VRP's Salesforce experience and expertise mean they can be trusted to deliver the results you need.

Matt Hill, EMEA Managing Director

DevOps challenges we solve together

  • Lack of visibility into DevOps processes between teams and environments
  • Conflicts and dependencies created by siloed work
  • Time-consuming and unclear processes to manage deployments across multiple environments
  • Limited data on dev team productivity that is time-consuming to collect
  • No insight into management and planning effectiveness
  • Difficulty in determining causes of development bottlenecks

Have you considered running your DevOps in Salesforce?

With all your data in one place, you can empower your staff to do their jobs faster and with fewer errors.

A 360 degree view into development management

Give your team complete visibility into your company's development to avoid conflicts. Enable collaboration between development teams. Managers can identify the causes of bottlenecks and recurring problems.

Accelerate development cycles

With automation, instant notifications and easy-to-track workflows, you can complete development cycles faster while still ensuring thorough quality assurance testing and compliance.

Manage deployments from within Salesforce

Thanks to native Salesforce, managing deployments is as easy as managing any Salesforce metadata. With workflows and approval processes, you can ensure all steps are completed and scheduled before go-live for out of office hours.

Copado solutions for every business

DevOps 360

DevOps 360 is the first Salesforce Delivery Management application enabling you to measure the performance of your Salesforce implementation. This analytics package provides an executive-level overview of the performance of your Salesforce delivery teams, and gives insights into every part of the development process.

100% Salesforce Native

Built 100% natively on the Salesforce platform, Copado enables faster, error-free releases with continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) technologies, all via an enterprise-class DevOps platform fully integrated with Salesforce Clouds and DX.

Services VRP Consulting Provides

  • Consulting

    Get the most out of your Salesforce and Copado investments. Our consultants, architects, and developers can analyze your setup, identify your technical and business needs, then design a solution to achieve your DevOps goals.
  • Implementation

    If you are looking to deploy your first Salesforce or Copado solution, our team of expert consultants and developers can help you realize your goals. We have helped launch many implementations that enabled businesses work more effectively.
  • Development

    Adapt your Salesforce and Copado solutions to meet your particular needs. Our team knows how to tailor your stock solution into one that works for you, not against you. If there's an aspect that isn't matched to your DevOps processes, we can develop a new solution that is.
  • Managed Services

    You can fully focus on your business and leave the management of your platform to us. With flexible monthly hours including roll-over hours, you can have an expert team on hand to provide ongoing support, pro-actively adapting your solution and making minor enhancements.
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VRP Consulting & Copado facts: a powerful partnership

The #1 Salesforce Value Stream Management Platform
Over 750 Salesforce experts ready for deployment
30+ years combined Salesforce and DevOps expertise

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