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Transform your property business with our help. VRP Consulting is a certified Salesforce® Partner, unlocking the power of Salesforce for real estate organizations worldwide via consulting, implementation, custom development, managed services and more. Discover the huge benefits of turbocharging property sales, leasing, maintenance and real estate management with Salesforce.

Expertise in solutions for

    Residential property

    Sales, letting and management of residential real estate

    Commercial property

    Development, leasing and management of commercial spaces

    Housing associations

    Social housing, shared ownership and supported living.

Real Estate challenges we help with

    Legacy property management systems (PMS)

    PMS systems lack the flexibility, capabilities and intelligence necessary to give your business the edge and the insights you need.

    Engaging, modern property listings

    You’re unable to provide persuasive, B2C-like buyer engagement and meet today’s expectations for 360° virtual tours, galleries and interactive floor plans.

    Keeping brokers up to date

    Brokers lack easy, centralized access to the latest information on property availability and potential buyers/tenants, leading to missed opportunities.

    Conducting checks on prospective tenants

    Excessive time and effort is spent checking credit scores and other factors when evaluating potential tenants, with the chance of human error occurring.

    Contracts and lease renewals

    Collecting approvals/signatures and creating documents can be a slow and laborious process, causing lost productivity and delayed revenue.

    Open houses and other events

    Managing open houses and other sales events, and making the most of leads from them, requires excessive time and effort from your team.

    Tenant services and supplier management

    Processes for coordinating with service suppliers (e.g., maintenance) and tenants are inefficient and slow, causing delays and loss of tenant satisfaction.

    Prioritizing and tracking many leads

    It can be difficult and time consuming to deal with the many leads in your sales pipeline, because their data is stored in multiple disparate places.

    Territory planning for sales and service

    You struggle with territory mapping to ensure each sales or service agent is handling the most geographically appropriate properties for their location.

Trusted by

Solutions for realtors, property management and more

Real-time property listings

Publish and share or advertise property information in real time, to the web and mobile devices, thanks to seamless PMS integration.

Powerful broker portals

Enable brokers to manage client acquisitions and more, in one easily accessible place, with an online self-service center created using Experience Cloud.

Easier tenant vetting

Automate processes to access and review all the information needed to check factors such as prospective tenants’ credit ratings.

Automated contract management

Streamline and expedite the contract lifecycle via automated reminders, approval workflows, document generation and eSignatures - all with Sales Cloud.

Simplifying and maximizing events

Make it easy to manage, track attendance, capture leads and automate follow-ups from events such as open houses, with the power of Marketing Cloud.

Self-service tenant portals

Resolve issues faster and boost tenants’ satisfaction with service issue ticketing systems linked to supplier management, all enabled by Service and Experience Clouds.

Easier, better lead management

Using automation and workflows to generate, track and nurture leads, across multiple channels, with automatic status notifications.

Smart territory planning via geolocation

Distribute work optimally across locations and track service personnel to verify and document visits made and that tasks are carried out.

Integration of real estate platforms

Connecting buyer/seller websites to your digital processes or integrating a business-critical third-party tool or service.

Benefits of Salesforce for real estate agents and others

  • Boost efficiency and productivity

    With your new, streamlined, digitized processes, your team will accomplish more, faster, instead of wasting time on laborious manual work.
  • Stay on top of work with ease

    Automated deal tracking and document management make it simple to coordinate all your ongoing activities and find the information you need.
  • A single, simple, secure source of truth

    Manage everything from one centralized, cloud-based digital workspace that’s secure, easy to use and accessible anywhere.
  • Powerful reporting and analytics abilities

    Now you can quickly and easily analyze, surface insights and report on profitability, agent KPIs, and trends in the market.
  • Make the most of every follow-up

    Track and automate follow-up processes to ensure that every opportunity for a sale is acted upon in a timely and effective manner.
  • Digital advertising and social media

    Generate leads via email newsletters or personalized offers and connect social media accounts for omni-channel communication.
  • Unparalleled visibility over property portfolios

    Brokers, agents and others can now easily gain a better view and understanding of their properties/units, financial data and more.
  • Streamline your lease renewal process

    Use automation to automatically create renewals according to lease term dates and send client, tenant or agent reminder messages.
  • Customer experiences and relationships

    Keep better track of your schedule and customer correspondence, and provide the modern, digital experiences they expect.

Services we provide

  • Consulting

    Understanding your team’s specific requirements and challenges, then defining and designing the ideal solution.
  • Implementation and customization

    Configuring and customizing your Salesforce solution to fit your needs and goals perfectly.
  • Integration

    Seamlessly connecting your Salesforce platform with your other key applications and data sources.
  • Migration

    Moving any crucial but outdated apps or databases you may have onto the Salesforce platform.
  • Training and support

    Helping you with user onboarding, ongoing training and any support needs you may have.
  • Managed Services

    Taking over administration and maintenance of your Salesforce solution, so you don’t need in-house hires.

Recommended Salesforce Clouds for your industry

Sales Cloud

Streamline and automate your sales processes for more and faster conversions.

Experience cloud

Create secure, branded self-service portals for customers and employees.

Marketing Cloud

Launch high-impact, omni-channel campaigns via marketing automation.

Service Cloud

Enhance customer support and manage/expedite property maintenance.

How we implement Salesforce for Real Estate businesses


Gathering requirements











Why choose VRP Consulting?

We are a global full-service Salesforce® consulting, development and outsourcing partner delivering across the entire Salesforce platform.

2000+ successful projects

In the last 25+ years, over 400 clients have received more than 2,000 successful Salesforce projects, rating them on average above 4.8 out of 5.

1,100+ expert certifications

You can access our talent pool of Salesforce Certified Administrators, Service & Sales Consultants and Developers to meet your business needs.

25+ years in operation

We are award-winning Salesforce Consulting Partners and Expert PDO Navigators. Our staff are constantly building on their knowledge with training and innovative projects.

24 offices in 15 countries

Local client-facing teams in EMEA and North America, and delivery hubs at scale in Poland, Bulgaria and the Philippines provide the right blend of quality and cost.

24/7 support

Follow-the-sun support providing constant support regardless of your location.


Industry and cloud expertise coupled with best-in-class ISV app partners to deliver perfect solutions.

Agile to deliver effectively

For all projects from quick starts to multi-year enterprise transformation programs.

Flexible client services

Including consulting, outsourcing, custom development and managed services.

Cost effective

Blend of local and remote certified experts to provide engagement and delivery that is right for your business.

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Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards 2020 Winner
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