It's not easy to bring new products and systems to market while delighting existing customers and managing complex sales & supply processes. From the smallest ball bearing to the largest piece of machinery, your Salesforce® platform can help you manage and optimize standard requirements as well as overcome more complex challenges.

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Manufacturing specific challenges

Satisfying demanding customers

Customer expectations are constantly growing and you need to keep up. It's not just a matter of increasing first-time resolution and avoiding costly, reputation-damaging mistakes, customers now expect self-service portals where they can place and track orders, raise issues, and receive instant answers.

Delivering products on time

Fulfillment delays impact revenue recognition and open the door to competitors stealing your advantage. Processes need automation and flexibility to respond quickly to evolving product fulfillment and supply chains.

Issuing complex quotes

1000’s of product SKUs, configurations, and pricing rules can take time to put together and risk pricing errors. Manufacturers need to focus on mitigating delays and mistakes to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

Maintaining intricate machinery

Having reliable equipment as and when required is a business-critical element in delivering projects. This can only be guaranteed if regular checks and servicing are carried out on time. Rapid response to unexpected failures is vital to maintain continued output.

Managing the supply chain & stock control

It's difficult to strike the balance between wasteful overstocking or understocking, which leads to delays, lower customer satisfaction, and lost revenue. Complex forecasting linked to supplier, stock, and warehouse management is essential in streamlining this process.

Multi-partner relationships

Managing complex relationships between suppliers, factories, transport, and customers effectively requires regular communications channels with automated notifications to all stakeholders at the right time.

Leverage customer & supplier data

Raw customer and supplier data can provide valuable insights enabling pro-active strategic decision making if segmented and analyzed correctly. Having the right tools to leverage this data can unleash the 4th industrial revolution within your business.

Skilled labor gap

Manufacturing jobs require specialized skillsets with more complex products and machinery. Lengthy onboarding processes with 3rd party dependencies can delay project delivery, revenue, and lead to poor customer experience.

Industry Solutions

Omnichannel customer support

Bring all your communication channels together in a single, easy-to-configure interface, integrated with your website. Experience Cloud® and ServiceX use your look and feel to harmonize conversations and drive engagement.

Fulfillment automation

Connect your supply chains to provide seamless fulfillment based on real-time inventory and sales forecasting with a configured Salesforce community and automated Lightning flows that leverage customer and product data.

Seamless quote generation

Complex sales processes don't have to be difficult or time-consuming. Extend your standard Salesforce product selection and pricing features with CPQ to provide bundles, tiers, dynamic pricing, price rules, approvals, auto-renewals and an enhanced UI, and quote generation experience.

Field service

Achieve timely and seamless servicing of complex machinery or components in the field through Salesforce Field Service®. Implement and optimize mobile-friendly tools and analytics you need to manage work orders on the go or in the office.

Fast onboarding through E-learning with Appinium

Bring your onboarding, support, and customer self-service to life through video. Tracking video usage natively in Salesforce allows you to understand what works well and enables a data-driven content strategy.

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