It's not easy to bring new products and systems to market while delighting existing customers and managing complex sales & supply processes. From the smallest ball bearing to the largest piece of machinery, your Salesforce® platform can help you manage and optimize standard requirements as well as overcome more complex challenges.

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Industry Solutions

Omnichannel customer support

Bring all your communication channels together in a single, easy-to-configure interface, integrated with your website. Experience Cloud® and ServiceX use your look and feel to harmonize conversations and drive engagement.

Fulfillment automation

Connect your supply chains to provide seamless fulfillment based on real-time inventory and sales forecasting with a configured Salesforce community and automated Lightning flows that leverage customer and product data.

Seamless quote generation

Complex sales processes don't have to be difficult or time-consuming. Extend your standard Salesforce product selection and pricing features with CPQ to provide bundles, tiers, dynamic pricing, price rules, approvals, auto-renewals and an enhanced UI, and quote generation experience.

Field service

Achieve timely and seamless servicing of complex machinery or components in the field through Salesforce Field Service®. Implement and optimize mobile-friendly tools and analytics you need to manage work orders on the go or in the office.

Fast onboarding through E-learning with Appinium

Bring your onboarding, support, and customer self-service to life through video. Tracking video usage natively in Salesforce allows you to understand what works well and enables a data-driven content strategy.

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