Thinking globally, delivering locally.

We are an award-winning, global, full-service Salesforce® Platinum consulting, development, and expert outsourcing partner delivering across the entire Salesforce platform.

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...But it wasn't always that way.

Consisting of a team of 500+ highly trained employees, split in our 13 regional offices and core centers of excellence in 10 countries, we think globally and deliver locally.
  • Our mission

    We are committed to taking our customers on their Salesforce journey, by providing expertise, cloud & industry experience, using resources from our centers of excellence and local delivery hubs. We are agile, innovative, transparent, and customer obsessed.

  • Our team

    We put people first, whether that's our clients or our colleagues. We're proud of our group of passionate professionals who enjoy going above and beyond, both at work and at play. We respect diversity, value equality and love to share in personal successes as we promote a healthy work-life balance, supporting our employees in their hobbies and charitable efforts. Our perks, such as our health club fitness packages, office bootcamps, yoga sessions, daily joint team lunches and monthly events are all part of our culture.

    • Admins and Artists
    • Business Analysts and Book lovers
    • Consultants and Cooks
    • Developers and Dancers
    • Delivery managers and Dog walkers
    • Engineers and Exercisers
    • Project managers and Photographers
    • Marketers and Mountaineers
    • Scrum masters and Rugby players
    • Sales reps and Sailors
    • Trailblazers and Travelers
    • Teachers and Tea drinkers

Why work with us

  • Agile
    We work in a fast-paced environment so we need to be ready to go at a moment's notice. Our exciting global projects mean there is never a dull moment. We support a good work-life balance to ensure a great atmosphere across all our offices.
  • Transparent
    We believe our customers and employees deserve to have a clear and accurate picture of what is happening at all times. Our teams push each other and build confidence, to achieve the best possible outcome. The CEOs door is always open. We value everyone's voice and know that sometimes the best ideas come from the least experienced.
  • Innovative
    Innovation comes from people. We will help you unleash your potential by constantly pushing boundaries and testing new ground to stay one step ahead of the curve. Develop your skills and knowledge with our development program. Our offices mix fresh minds with experienced professionals in our mentor program.
  • Customer Obsessed
    Our teams genuinely care about their clients and look to make every interaction matter. That's why we build long-lasting relationships with both clients who are starting their journey or further along their path. You will get connected to our global client base of diverse businesses: every background, every industry, every size.

Our Leaders

President & CEO

Roman Medvedev

I love VRP because it allows me to work with some of the best minds in the IT industry and to serve world-renowned customers. I dream of learning how to fly different types of airplanes and travel the world.


Will Lamb

I love VRP because we are building a business where our technical creativity enables our clients and partners to be genuinely disruptive in their sectors. When I retire, I would like to travel, write and photograph the world.


Alena Tsybulka

I love VRP because we can complement each other to face the challenges of creating growth over the long term. I am keen on diving, and my dream is travelling around the world and see beautiful underwater caves.

Managing Director CIS

Andrey Kasach

I like strong technical expertise. When we take on a project I know for sure that we will do it no matter what. I would choose to devote all my time to raising my children and participate in a global world project that will actually make life easier and better for everyone on the planet.

Global Marketing Director

Tonya Williams

I love working with innovative people from many cultural backgrounds and across many time zones. VRP is inclusive, charitable, agile, creative and above all, collaborative. I dream of travelling the globe to explore underwater worlds, in a catamaran equipped with a compressor and scuba diving gear.

Managing Director EMEA

Pieter Philipsen

What I truly love about VRP is that we apply our global mindset locally, allowing us to be a true multicultural company ready to learn from our customers, partners and employees. I dream of doing the things I love, improving companies, travel with my loved ones and enjoy life.


Dmitry Zhugin

I really like working with experienced professionals as most of our projects are very complex & we brainstorm every day to find solutions. I would like to create something that helps people, such as a charging system keeping electric public transport going at all times, a waste management system to auto-sort garbage, or even a mini rocket to send small satellites into space.

Managing Director, CEE

Wojciech Malinowski

I love the team & people I’m working with. They are like a family and the office is my second home. My dream is to sail around the world. Not the one crazy non stop thing, which btw. would be fun as well, so I’ll probably do that in the future. I would sail from one place to another and explore.

Head of Architecture, UKI

Mark Hartnady

I love the synergy of working with the best in the industry. At VRP we have the sharpest & most talented minds in the Salesforce ecosystem, meaning we achieve far more than our customers expect. My highest values are learning & technology, I would immerse myself in study and become a master of quantum computing, AI and their practical applications.

HR Director

Pavel Skurat

I love people, their emotions and ideas. Being a part of VRP I am fortunate to work with creative and passionate experts in their field. My job is my hobby and my life! I like collaborating to build a unique company culture, putting people at the core of VRP, and we are awesome at it! I am also a volunteer - it's so simple and easy to help others and bring them joy!

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