Increase efficiency with smarter Sandbox Seeding.

What is DataMAX?

DataMAX is a Salesforce AppExchange app that enables users to quickly and easily populate sandboxes with a representative data subset based on production data, while maintaining relationships. The combination of templates, filters, automations, and data manipulation tools separate it from other Sandbox seeding apps, saving QA time, ensuring data regulation compliance and reducing Sandbox overheads.

What can you do with DataMAX?

DataMAX helps development and UAT testing teams access production-like sandboxes for faster development cycles and accurate regression testing. Developers can create many different templates for Sandbox seeding, which can be used repeatedly. Different test groups can use their specific data subsets to run through multiple test scenarios in a shorter time frame.

Data masking ensures sensitive data is anonymized while testers have reliable data for conducting multiple tests, such as ‘IF’ scenarios, stress and capacity load testing. Smarter data uploads can be on-demand, rather than only in the standard 30-day refresh cycle, saving valuable time and costs. Granular backups from the production Org to a Sandbox can provide additional cloud-based disaster recovery support.

Benefits of DataMAX

Developer Productivity

The entire DevOps process becomes faster and more efficient as filtered data can be transferred to multiple sandboxes.

  • Production-like sandboxes
  • Templates and automations
  • Sandbox refresh on-demand
  • Filtered datasets for specific scenarios
  • Generate hypothetical datasets

Business Efficiencies

Reduce costs as the need for expensive full copy Sandboxes is reduced. Anonymize data to mitigate risks.

  • Reduce Sandbox overheads
  • Data masking and scrambling
  • Maintain data privacy
  • Compliance with regulators (GDPR, CCPA, etc)
  • Automatic report generation

Features of DataMAX

What are your options?

Download today or learn more by requesting a demo. If you are looking to accelerate your DevOps, DataMAX will streamline sandbox seeding, provide production-quality data and enable data refresh on-demand.

What are your options
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