Docomotion is a robust, top rated document generation app for Salesforce®. It empowers companies to automate and transform operational documents into interactive documents within one platform. Designed to simplify processes, save time, increase business efficiency; Docomotion makes life easier in just one click with zero code.

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5 reasons why you should consider Docomotion for creating documents in Salesforce

  • You are a CRM or IT manager and want to automate and streamline document generation processes;

  • You need to send clients instantly generated personalized documents;

  • You need an intuitive and foolproof tool anyone in your company can use;

  • You want to enhance the quality of your documentation;

  • You want to automatically generate any type of business document, such as quotes, proposals, contracts on Salesforce.

“We are delighted to be a partner with a top-rated platform with outstanding customer support. Together, we can help our clients to get the most out of their Salesforce platform.”

Zelma Mason, Alliances Manager

“We are proud to join forces with VRP Consulting whose experience as an award-winning consulting and outsourcing expert makes them a trustworthy partner. With their vast experience, they are premium experts of all things Salesforce.”

David Alon, Partner Manager, Docomotion

6 document management challenges we overcome together

  • Sending large quantities of personalized records in a timely manner
  • Avoiding human mistakes and maintaining data accuracy
  • Generating professional grade documents
  • Facilitating e-signatures collection through an intuitive process
  • Creating regional specific documentation
  • Accessing and restoring previous document versions
All these challenges and more can be solved by Docomotion.

Have you considered upgrading your document generation process in your Salesforce platform?

All-in-one platform

Manage every step of the documentation process from design to sign with a native Salesforce application. Use ready-made tools to save time and effort so your staff focus on closing deals and satisfying customers. Export to PDF, Word, HTML and Email.

One-click generation

Click a conveniently located button inside your Salesforce interface and instantly generate documents matching customer profiles and filled with customer data. You can even trigger automations for review or instant delivery.

Easy to use

Docomotion offers highly-intuitive, easy to use tools to design and generate all types of operational business and sales documents. Users can create personalized, interactive documents and promotional materials for a unique customer engagement experience.


Instantly send thousands of personalized documents populated with accurate data with just the click of a button. Use Process Builder and Visual Flow to trigger document generation and management. Forget about manual, repetitive tasks which slow down everyday operations.

Business logic wizard

Infuse your digital documents with business logic to create individualized documents matching regional, industry and client specific requirements from a single template. You can alter the styling and include or exclude sections to match requirements.


Elevate your contract signing process and boost efficiency with signatures added natively and seamlessly into documents. Users can sign via email or in a live webpage and they will be directly saved into Salesforce to speed up the processes.

Interactive forms

Automatically update Salesforce records and trigger workflows with interactive form responses. From updating customer records, collecting customer feedback or even triggering cross- and up-sell opportunities, Docomotion instantly transforms data into knowledge, finding new sales opportunities.

Make last minute changes

Add personalized touches or last minute refinements before you send your documents. Thanks to the web interface, you can make edits even if you only have your mobile.

Customer support

Whenever you need any assistance with their solution, they will swiftly respond and are always ready to go that extra mile to help you. Their AppExchange reviews are filled with praises from satisfied customers.

VRP Consulting & Docomotion: a powerful partnership

Two powerhouses committed to making the life of their customers easier.

Top rated document generation app
(99.3% five star reviews)
19+ years of Salesforce experience
750+ Salesforce Experts

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