Salesforce for Higher Education

Transform student, faculty and staff experiences with an expert Salesforce® for Higher Education Partner. We can implement, integrate and support Salesforce solutions for your college, university or other institution.

Some of our Higher Education clients

Higher Education challenges we solve

Disparate data

Difficult to measure/track/analyze student loans with grants and sponsorships for course payments. Lack of a full view of partner relationships. Delay in linking course registrations to student records (particularly overseas students).

Disconnected systems

Issues with coordinating multiple learning management systems (LMS). Lack of automation, collaboration and insight increases operational costs. Inability to link student learning to multiple LMS. Student support and assessment process is overcomplicated.

Student/faculty support

Absence of cohesive communication platform (particularly in onboarding). No data analytics tools to drive segmentation and personalize content. Inability to link alumni engagement with student experience offering employment opportunities.

Facilities workloads

Tracking maintenance schedules is laborious, as well as logging accessibility downtime with course and lecture theater availability schedules and monitoring external personnel entering the campus and sites.

Why Salesforce for Higher Education?

With Salesforce for Higher Education, you can achieve a truly connected campus, with greater visibility over students, faculty, courses, programs, alumni, donors and more.

Connect experiences

Provide streamlined, interconnected experiences that students, staff and faculty will love.

Drive innovation

Use automation, data analytics and AI-powered tools to transform how staff work.

Get social

Reach prospective and current students and faculty via social media with new omnichannel capabilities.

Salesforce solutions for Higher Education

Student management

Managing student records, courses, payments, loans, and grants and driving course enrollment via email campaigns and registration events apps.

eLearning and onboarding

Integration of all your learning management systems (LMS) to create one consolidated platform, simply and centrally managed and tracked.

Communications portal

Automating marketing and communication, connecting students to support groups and alumni. Personalize emails, SMS, and web pages for greater engagement.

Facilities management

Proactive management via automated workflows and streamlined, expedited maintenance tracking, scheduling and record-keeping.

Recruitment and admissions

Finding and connecting with prospective staff, faculty and students via multichannel communications that increase brand awareness.

Fundraising programs

Raise funds more efficiently and effectively by understanding supporters’ preferences and relationships, develop tailored journeys and boost outreach.

Grant management

Track grants, funding programs, disbursements and relationships with a flexible system that provides more visibility into grant lifecycles and financial commitments.

Loan management

Manage loan applications via one simple, unified platform covering both internal and third-party partners, streamlining communications and application processes.

Faculty and staff management

Elevating employee experience by transforming communications, onboarding, and how you provide resourcing, information and services

Alumni relations

Build richer alumni profiles using data from multiple sources and use social media listening and engagement to stay on the pulse and connected to alumni.

Your transformed, connected campus

Make the best use of your data

Create detailed student profiles, stay connected with them, plan their success and identify/tackle issues before they happen.

Engage your alumni and community

Boost fundraising success, build lasting relationships with donors and alumni, and nurture online communities and on-campus social activities.

Streamline your recruitment process

Empower recruitment teams to be more productive, increase outreach, personalize candidate messages and automate the admission process.

Elevate marketing communications

Deliver personalized, multi-channel content that raises your brand image, and provide experiences that wow current and prospective students.

Benefits of implementing Salesforce in Higher Education

    Exceptional student experiences

    With the power of Salesforce in Higher Education, you can create better student journeys, supporting and guiding them at every point. They can easily find information and will stay connected and engaged.

    Transforming your processes

    Salesforce’s advanced workflow automation technology is ideal for transforming all kinds of Higher Education processes, helping your team to be more productive and make better-informed decisions.

    Reaching more students

    Just as this powerful software helps a business reach a prospective customer and make a product sale, Salesforce is perfect to build a relationship with a prospective student or parent - easily, effectively and at scale.

Data architecture developed for education

Salesforce’s Education Data Architecture (EDA) is crafted with education in mind, so institutions worldwide could benefit from the world’s #1 CRM. This flexible digital architecture is made to enable a unified, integrated platform for recruitment and admissions, deliver high-quality, tailored learning experiences and provide an integrated advancement solution for stronger donor and alumni relationships. All the power and possibilities of Salesforce CRM for Higher Education.

Salesforce Clouds avaliable

  • Education Cloud

    Transforms a wide range of higher education institutions' most important processes.
  • Lets you create and nurture online communities for students, staff and more.
  • A marketing automation platform for high-impact omni-channel campaigns.
  • Analytics Cloud

    Offers AI-powered analytics to enable better, more informed decision-making.
  • Enables an easy-to-use support service system for students and others.
  • Provides new capabilities to attract prospective students and recruit talent.
  • Allows you to provide intelligent, connected eCommerce experiences.
  • Offers powerful tools to build relationships with donors, fundraisers and grantees.
  • Supports a unified system for your revenue pipeline, including approvals.
  • Powers new insights into your data via applications, Smart Assistants and dashboards.
  • Enables predictive data analytics to improve strategy and make better decisions.
  • Helps maintenance staff coordinate/deliver efficient servicing to multiple sites.

Implementing Salesforce for Higher Education

Customer Success

  • «VRP are a valuable longtime partner to help us fill skill and knowledge gaps in our own organization.»

    Cloud: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud

    Location: Switzerland

    Date: May 2020

  • «Timely responsiveness, including when a quick turnaround was necessary. In-depth knowledge of our Salesforce product and its application to our use case. Responsive to feedback, forward-looking with solutions and flexible with how they provide services.»

    Cloud: Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud

    Location: USA

    Date: March 2022

Why choose VRP Consulting?

2000+ projects

with over 350 clients across 12 years, delivering high quality projects with CSATs averaging 4.8/5

Innovative industry

and cloud expertise coupled with best-in-class ISV app partners to deliver perfect solutions

Agile to deliver effectively

for all projects from quick starts to multi-year enterprise transformation programs

16 offices

in 12 countries with client facing teams in EMEA, North America and delivery hubs at scale in Poland, Bulgaria and the Philippines

Cost effective blend

of local and remote certified experts to provide engagement and delivery that is right for your business

Flexible client services

including consulting, outsourcing, custom development and managed services

Consulting partner
Consulting partner

Your full-service Salesforce Higher Education Partner

Consulting and advisory

Architecture design

Lightning migrations

Product development

Integration and Platform Events

Lightning components

Process Builder workflows

Custom Apex development



Health Checks and audits

Data Migration

QA testing


Managed services

What are your options?

If you’re taking your first steps with Salesforce, or evolving your existing platform, our experts can match your needs with either full-service consulting and delivery projects, staff augmentation or support. Click to find out more..

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