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We can help you optimize your fundraising and increase donations, visibility and impact for beneficiaries — all using Salesforce, one of the longest-established CRM solutions for your sector and the most powerful. Our award-winning sector specialists unlock the full benefit of Salesforce® for nonprofit organizations around the world, including charities, funds, companies, humanitarian organizations and others.

Benefits of Salesforce solutions for nonprofits

    Focus on your mission

    Reduce laborious manual work with streamlined, automated processes that raise efficiency. Save time and funds so you can devote them to matters that advance your mission, help beneficiaries and make a difference. 

    Increase fundraising

    Engage donors via personalized communications and build stronger relationships and thriving supporter communities. Facilitate easy donation payments via donors’ preferred methods.

    Boost your impact

    Manage resources more effectively to deliver greater impact. Gain new insights into your work and beneficiaries’ progress, and demonstrate successes more impactfully, to support every grant application and raise your profile.

Challenges facing nonprofits

Separated fundraising data 

Fundraising data is often held in one or more disparate, unconnected systems. This prevents nonprofits from having a clear picture of their fundraising activity, funds, and grants.

Complex donor profiles

It’s difficult to understand who donors are, how often they donate and to what programs/campaigns, complicating segmenting and content personalization. Data analytics is needed to refine targeting and complex user journeys to send appealing messages.

Donor engagement

It can be challenging to identify new donor opportunities based on their history, as well as ensuring organizations communicate with those prospective donors effectively, via the right channels.

Achieving necessary transparency

Up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive reporting on the spending of funds and the results of programs can be difficult, and gathering data and making reports is extremely time consuming. 

Estimating impact and tracking efficiency

Nonprofits struggle to gain an adequate picture of their success, for internal analysis as well as reporting externally, and have difficulty evaluating their efficiency in order to optimize operations.

Showing individual donors’ impact

Charitable organizations are often asked “how is my donation being spent?” Tying donations to grants and outcomes on an individual basis is either technically challenging or very manual and time-consuming.

Complex mix of giving streams 

Donations are collected via many sources, including third-party giving sites, and data may not all be stored in one place. Processing and managing this data is time-consuming. 

Grant management and maintenance

Local files and manual processes slow down the grant process and stakeholder collaboration. Grantees must also comply with milestone reporting and updates, which can be challenging - especially in the field, with limited connectivity.

Utilizing volunteers effectively

With a range of different volunteers, each with their own skills and preferences, in different locations, it can be hard to match each of them to the tasks that are most suitable and make the most effective use of their efforts.

Nonprofit industry solutions with Salesforce CRM

Fundraising & payments

Boost fundraising with attractive, personalized giving pages that can be extended to donor experiences for self-service. Enable simple and convenient payments by donors via the payment methods they prefer, all easily managed directly within Salesforce, via our partner FinDock.

Learn more about FinDock 

Donor management

Nurture long-term rewarding relationships with your donors, supporters, and partners. Get all the tools you need to manage the donation cycle from pledge to payment, including automating recurring donations. Power every donation campaign from one place with landing pages, email campaigns, and event management apps.

Fund accounting

Track and manage conditioned funds all within your Salesforce platform. We can help you integrate with various accounting platforms, or migrate to native Salesforce solutions like Accounting Seed.

Beneficiary management

Keep track of beneficiaries more easily and effectively. Now you can better monitor beneficiaries’ progress and gain actionable insights and demonstrable evidence of your program’s impact.

Giving site connector

VRP's GivingX app seamlessly integrates to third-party sites like Just Giving to automate the donations and payment data straight into your Salesforce platform.

Learn more about GivingX

Program management

Gain a single view of all your programs to help you provide personalized services, manage volunteers and extract valuable data to learn actionable insights into how your services are delivered.


Drive donor, volunteer, grantee and beneficiary engagement by tracking how donations are being used and providing a portal showing outcomes of giving and grants. Combine Community Cloud and Marketing Cloud to maximize donor experience, engagement and revenue.

Marketing automation

Create more detailed and effective marketing campaigns based on the fundraising objectives. Marketing Cloud enables data-driven, segmented, and personalized messages driven by journey builder flows, time-specific actions, and AMPscripts. NPSP

Innovate your entire fundraising, donation, and distribution process using the Nonprofit Success Pack as the base. As a global partner, we can help you leverage the value of this powerful platform.

Learn more about Nonprofit Cloud

Grant management

Extend and optimize your Salesforce CRM system to enable grant solicitation, management, and reporting. Improve the quality of submissions with unique eligibility validations. Automate funding review and payment options. Generate funding reports and real-time funding snapshots.

Non-fund accounting

Integrate data from third-party financial systems you use for general (non-fund-related) bookkeeping, such as Sage Intacct, QuickBooks, NetSuite, Blackbaud Financial Edge Banner Finance, Workday and Microsoft Dynamics.

Event & volunteer management

Streamline how you manage event registration, payment, and attendance, and track and coordinate volunteer availability, skills and experience.

Implementing Salesforce for Nonprofit organizations

Salesforce Clouds avaliable

  • Offers powerful tools to build relationships with donors, fundraisers and grantees.
  • Lets you create and nurture online communities for donors, volunteers and more.
  • A marketing automation platform for high-impact omni-channel campaigns.
  • Analytics Cloud

    Offers AI-powered analytics to enable better, more informed decision-making.
  • Enables an easy-to-use support service system for volunteers and others.
  • Education Cloud

    Transforms a range of education nonprofits’ most important processes.
  • Allows you to provide intelligent, connected eCommerce experiences.
  • Provides new capabilities to attract prospective donors and recruit volunteers.
  • Supports a unified system for your revenue pipeline, including approvals.
  • Powers new insights into your data via applications, Smart Assistants and dashboards.
  • Enables predictive data analytics to improve strategy and make better decisions.
  • Helps maintenance staff coordinate/deliver efficient servicing to multiple sites.

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Salesforce is the best CRM on the market for nonprofits, with a community of more than 47,000 nonprofit organizations. It is one of the first such technology platforms to specifically cater to the nonprofit sector and is the most advanced for nonprofits’ needs. Salesforce is ideal for giving nonprofits a unified view of everything they need to succeed, as well as providing powerful automation capabilities, analytics and more.

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) contains a set of tools that Salesforce has created specifically for nonprofit organizations. It provides a range of valuable functionality spanning many of a nonprofit organization’s core concerns. This includes organizing data on fundraisers, donors and other stakeholders, tracking revenue and gaining a unified view of nonprofits’ work. Many nonprofits require professional assistance with implementing and customizing NPSP, as well as additional custom functionality.

Salesforce provides a wealth of powerful capabilities for fundraising and donation management, including deploying engaging web pages and communications, facilitating easy payments, tracking donors and donations, and much more. We can explore the possibilities with you, and how we can help you as your Salesforce nonprofit implementation partner.

Using the Salesforce CRM, nonprofits can more easily and accurately track and report on their impact. Groups of participants’ or individuals’ engagement with programs, and their progress, can be visualized, and nonprofits can apply data analytics to find trends and other useful insights. Organizations can even track, measure and report on the impact of individual donations, donors or grants, in order to create personalized communications that build and nurture relationships with these stakeholders.

Salesforce allows you to more easily manage your grant processes, including applying for multiple grants simultaneously, via easy-to-follow, automated steps that cover every stage. You can track deliverables, due dates and more. A Salesforce solution can also help grantees to report on spending and impact in a simple, timely and collaborative way. As your nonprofit Salesforce partner, an industry-specialist consultant from VRP Consulting can

What are your options?

If you’re taking your first steps with Salesforce, or evolving your existing platform, our experts can match your needs with full-service Salesforce consulting for nonprofits, delivery projects, staff augmentation or support. Click to find out more.

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