VRP Salesforce® Accelerators

Quickly and easily integrate one of our pre-built Apps and Bolt solutions, developed from experience gained in previous projects, available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

VRP Accelerators are perfect if...

  • You are looking to improve functionality within the Salesforce platform.
  • You are looking for industry specific features.
  • You need a scalable and extendable solution in less time.
Salesforce AppExchange solutions come in a variety of types; Apps, Components, Lightning Bolts, Lightning data and Flow solutions; all based on the specific function they provide. Instead of developing one-of-a kind solutions from scratch, quickly and seamlessly integrate one of our pre-built accelerators to meet your particular requirements, bringing useful tools and services together in a robust and secure platform. These low-code and no-code solutions can be implemented in days and weeks, rather than months.

Our AppExchange Apps & Solutions


Bring all communication channels together in a single view help centre in just one day. Drive customer engagement via easy to use tools to access FAQs or directly reach out to agents, depending on their requirements. Provide agents with required information to deliver outstanding customer service. Equip managers with performance analytics to optimise customer support departments. Find out more


Improve call centre effectiveness with interactive voice response and full suite of tools such as record, monitor, and route, whisper. Integrate to Service Cloud® for reporting capabilities providing management with insights to optimise their agent productivity and department effectiveness, driving customer engagement. Find out more


PatientX is a Salesforce Lightning Bolt® solution that lets medical companies deploy pre-built, next-gen mobile communities and portals. Engage with patients from pre-care to post-care, through patient self-service, appointment scheduling and 1:1 journeys with chat or video conferencing, driving both the patient experience and business result. Find out more

Record EditorX

Record EditorX is an AppExchange App which simplifies and eases the process of working with large amounts of data in Salesforce. Admins can carry out single or mass data manipulation such as delete, edit, create, clone, import/export and save to PDF or csv. Additional analytics tools provide insights into data trends, 360-degree customer views and departmental performance analysis. Find out more


GivingX is a Salesforce AppExchange App that connects your Salesforce CRM with giving sites used to raise funds. Drive fundraiser effectiveness, connect multiple campaigns and turn on-time donors into lifetime supporters through timely communication outreach. Review overall success in reports and dashboards, to ensure constituents are engaged and missions accomplished. Find out more


AnalyticsX is a free Salesforce AppExchange app that enables users to turn standard Salesforce reports into new custom dashboards using creative design tools. AnalyticsX provides real-time insights through live updates and regular report distribution to key stakeholders through email subscriptions. Find out more

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