Healthcare & Life Sciences

Increasingly connected patients expect more, which provides opportunities to deliver exceptional care at a cost of additional technical challenges. From the smallest clinic to the largest medical facility, your Salesforce® platform can help you enhance the patient’s experience and optimize complex scheduling challenges.

Healthcare & Life Sciences challenges

Patient communications

Facilities need to optimize their communication channels between patients, doctors, and nursing staff to improve triage. Healthcare providers must offer 24/7 communication channels and platforms to meet patients' expectations.

Disparate health data

With supplier & product data, patient data, and insurance data in multiple systems, even a simple prescription can require repetitive searches and manual inputs risking human error.

Scheduling process

Patients want to find the right doctor at the right clinic and book a convenient time without waiting on the phone or at reception. Changes need to be communicated to all affected parties so they can make new arrangements.

eCommerce needs

Patients want to be able to complete all their transactions in one place: from one-time purchases to subscriptions & recurring prescriptions. Healthcare providers need to use this platform for cross-selling opportunities. Connecting different partners, treatments, products, suppliers, insurers, and regulators brings additional challenges.

Secure data management & analysis

Your patients and regulators demand the highest level of data security. They need to know that you will use their private data responsibly which can only be done if captured in the system. Generating detailed reports to regulators and individuals on demand or giving shareholders a complete financial picture from the company requires analytics gleaned from real-time data.

Industry Solutions


Bring all your communication channels together in this Lightning Bolt solution via a single, easy-to-configure interface, integrated with your website. Provide time-saving pre- and post-appointment question and answer sessions.

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A single source of truth

Connect all your data systems for digital transformation. Give your staff the solutions with all the information they need for both patient care as well as discovering hidden insights and trends powered by Machine learning and AI.


Connect with your patients in a whole new way. PatientX is a Lightning Bolt solution that lets medical companies deploy pre-built next-gen mobile communities and portals. Enable your company to engage patients from pre-care to post-care, through patient self-service, appointment scheduling, and 1:1 journeys, driving both the patient experience and business result.

Simplifying eCommerce

Build an easy-to-use product catalog which can be tweaked to suit the needs of each patient. Combine purchase history with subscriptions and recurring prescriptions to offer new and additional life-enhancing products and services. Connect all stakeholders in the purchase process.

GDPR compliance & data security

Salesforce follows best practices for a data processor and provides you with useful tools to stay GDPR compliant, by capturing personal preferences. Through user-profile settings, access to personal financial data can be restricted and maintained even when connected to one of our trusted solution partners.

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