Updated legacy data enrichment and billing solutions to increase operational efficiencies

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    Updated legacy data management and billing systems to increase operational efficiencies
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Esa Vasara

Esa Vasara, Director Of Business Services

VRP Consulting demonstrated great competence within the Salesforce ecosystem. Their team was flexible and responded quickly so we were always informed and in control.”

Esa Vasara, Director Of Business Services

The Challenge

HappyOrNot had two business critical solutions — Data.com's data enrichment platform and the SteelBrick billing package. Both of these solutions had been heavily customized and integrated with other services. As Salesforce was pulling support for both solutions, HappyOrNot faced the risk of disruptions to their operations resulting in dissatisfied customers.

The Wish

HappyOrNot wished to expedite their billing processes and administrative work with a new, faster solution which could be customized further as they moved into new billing models. They wanted to move to a more adaptable infrastructure seamlessly integrated with other financial solutions, including NetSuite ERP eliminating the need for manual data transfer and providing a scalable foundation for the future.


Administrative Time Saved


With NetSuite ERP


Ineffective Bookkeeping

The Solution

VRP Consulting investigated, recommended and then implemented two new solutions to enhance HappyOrNot's platform. The first was to migrate from Data.com to D&B Optimizer, a data management tool for Salesforce orgs, and implement customizations for a more scalable architecture. The second solution was to customize the Salesforce Billing package, enabling automation of orders, flexible recurring billing management and integration with NetSuite ERP.

The Stages

The VRP Consulting team began by running a deep analysis of the current project infrastructure and settings as well as workshops to identify customer and user needs and wishes. With an accurate picture of HappyOrNot's current platform and envisioned future, the VRP team presented a new solution built on D&B Optimizer and Salesforce Billing package with customization matching the client's requirements. Once approved, VRP configured both new solutions including a set of order automations and enabling previously unavailable recurring billing management including the ability to see firmographic data, such as turnover of a company, from prospect and parent accounts.

This new infrastructure allowed the VRP team to create a new custom account administration tool that runs asynchronously, pulling data of the full company hierarchy. This replaced the previous solution which required laborious manual data refresh. After user acceptance testing, the consulting team completed production data migration ensuring full compatibility with the new data enrichment tool.

    • The Result

      With its new data enrichment and integrated billing solutions, HappyOrNot has been able to modernize its infrastructure while cutting administrative overhead. Thanks to its configured D&B Optimizer, HappyOrNot's data integrity is assured and data can be accessed instantly to guide business decisions.

      The move to Salesforce Billing has enabled HappyOrNot to provide new billing options to their customer base satisfying their needs while ensuring regular income and automating orders, saving staff time. The integration with NetSuite ERP has made further significant time savings on various bookkeeping duties.

      Overall, These improvements have led to increased operational efficiency, driving new revenues and gaining a competitive advantage over business rivals

    • Company Profile

      HappyOrNot is a Finnish company whose mission is to help companies engage with their customers through the simple press of a Smiley button. Headquartered in Tampere, Finland, HappyOrNot has customers all over the world. Over 4,000 brands use HappyOrNot, and its terminals are found in over 135 countries. As of September 2021, the company had captured over 1.5 Billion pieces of feedback.

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