Ukrainian Red Cross Society

Integrates a new payment solution to handle an exponential increase in donations and provide richer donor engagement campaigns.

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    Nonprofit Cloud, Marketing Cloud
    Implementing a new payment solution capable of handling an exponential increase in donations and delivered best practice followup journeys.
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    Nonprofit, Consulting
Yaroslav Ivakhno

Yaroslav Ivakhno, Coordinator of Resource Mobilization Dept

VRP engaged quickly and effectively to help scale our Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud platform to manage the huge influx of donations we have received during this time of crisis. The new third-party donation platform integration and Marketing Cloud automation keeps us better connected to our donors and has saved valuable time so we can focus on our mission.”

Yaroslav Ivakhno, Coordinator of Resource Mobilization Dept

The Challenge

Due to the crisis in Ukraine, Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) had received a surge in donations their existing system wasn’t built to handle. Most were in foreign currencies and many were large sum donations, and processing them necessitated a new payment solution. However, this payment solution wasn’t integrated with its Salesforce platform and so the URCS was unable to effectively track donations, match them to outcomes and provide engaging follow-up journeys for their donors.

The Wish

Ukrainian Red Cross Society wanted to have all its donation data in its Salesforce platform to improve donation management and donor engagement. Harnessing this data would enable it to track donations and manage fund distribution to front-line causes. Connecting its donor data would also enable follow-up messaging to provide transparency over their mission and increase donations. Due to the pressing needs of the crisis they needed their solution as soon as possible.



Salesforce Marketing Cloud


new payment processing solution


fundraising and engagement campaigns

The Solution

VRP Consulting integrated the new payment processing solution with the client’s Nonprofit Success Pack platform on a fully pro bono basis. The VRP team also delivered a new Marketing Cloud implementation and configured follow-up notification and engagement campaigns.

The Stages

As part of VRP’s desire to help those in need as part of our Pledge 1% commitment, the entire project was conducted pro bono. To expedite the delivery and guarantee a working solution, The URCS selected VRP Consulting and its team with previous experience delivering the same payment solution integration for other International Red Cross Societies.

This new integration and Marketing Cloud implementation allowed the VRP consultants to implement the marketing and customer journeys based on best practices they had established in response to a previous crisis, the 2020 Beirut explosion.

    • The Result

      Now, Ukrainian Red Cross Society can track and manage all its donations within Salesforce and provide tailored follow-up campaigns to drive engagement. Thanks to this new solution, the URCS can easily see its donations and funds so it can easily distribute them to the front line and provide accurate reporting on its distribution to donors. And all this work was completed in five weeks, at a vital time, and ongoing enhancements are already in motion.

    • Company Profile

      Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) was founded in 1918 and since then the National Society, in line with its mission, has been assisting vulnerable people in coping with the effects of emergencies and socio-economic crises, thus protecting human life and dignity. The URCS carries out its mission without discriminating on the grounds of nation, race, sex, religion, language, class or political convictions or on any other similar grounds. The URCS acts as a voluntary, humanitarian and independent organization with an auxiliary role to the public authorities in the humanitarian field.

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