Salesforce Health Check

What is the state of your Salesforce platform?

Health Checks are perfect if...

  • You are running into errors or performance issues with your Salesforce platform.
  • The overhead of maintaining or integrating your CRM is high.
  • You need an outside perspective on your Salesforce configuration.

As systems age, users identify more requirements and your business evolves, your Salesforce platform may fail to keep up: legacy elements can be left behind, your storage may be full and your processes and flows become a tangled web. All of which can slow your system and process down and introduce data disparities.

You can get a full system diagnosis from our technical doctors through a Salesforce Health Check. After a Health Check, you will know exactly the state of your Salesforce solution and what needs to be done to address any issues and seize dormant opportunities.

Symptoms which show you need a Health Check

Poor adoption

Your end-users are avoiding using Salesforce or finding other ways to process data. A Health Check will identify the cause of the resistance and recommend a solution.

Problems after a Salesforce release

You experience irregular errors following one of Salesforce's tri-annual releases. A Health Check will identify the source, their nature, and how they can be remedied.

Inaccurate reports

Your reports are missing data or aren't running properly. A Health Check will diagnose where the issue lies and recommend the right treatment to fix reports and maintain data consistency.

Moving from classic to Lightning

You want to have a smooth transition from classic to Lightning. A Health Check will identify any potential issues with your system so you can take appropriate action.

Missing new functionality and possibilities?

Salesforce releases new updates and enhancements three times a year. A Health Check will identify powerful new features that can drive your business success.

Security concerns

Salesforce follows best practices for digital security but cannot help with user-created problems (no, "1234" is not a password). A Salesforce security Health Check will root out any security risks that users have introduced.

Find the right solution for your business

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