Salesforce Health Check Services

What’s the state of your Salesforce platform? Our Salesforce Health Check services reveal performance or process issues and the root causes.

Why is a Salesforce Health Check

As systems age, users identify more requirements and as your business evolves, your Salesforce platform may not keep up: legacy elements can be left behind, your storage may be full and your processes and flows become a tangled web. This can slow down your system and process, introduce data disparities and leave you unprotected from security vulnerabilities.

A Salesforce Health Check, recommended annually, safeguards against these issues. Our technical doctors will give you a full system diagnosis, including analyzing your security settings and those of any third-party apps. You’ll know the true state of your Salesforce solution and what must be done to address any issues and seize untapped opportunities

Our Salesforce Health Check services are perfect if...

  • You are running into errors or performance issues with your Salesforce platform.
  • There’s a high overhead of maintaining or integrating your CRM.
  • You need a full diagnosis to know the true state of your Salesforce platform.
  • Reports are missing data or not running properly
  • Your security requirements have changed or you’re unsure if all users are set up correctly.
  • User adoption has dropped significantly over time.
  • You have a lot of duplicate contacts and accounts that need constant data cleanup.
  • Users are noticing errors because processes time out or are hitting governor limits.
  • You’ve outgrown existing functionality or aren’t sure how new features can help your organization.

Symptoms which show you need a Health Check

Poor adoption

Your end-users are avoiding using Salesforce or finding other ways to process data. A Health Check will identify the cause of the resistance and recommend a solution.

Inaccurate reports

Your reports are missing data or aren't running properly. A Health Check will diagnose where the issue lies and recommend the right treatment to fix reports and maintain data consistency.

Security concerns

Salesforce follows best practices for digital security but cannot help with a user-created vulnerability (no, "1234" is not a password). A Salesforce security Health Check identifies any such risk.

Issues moving from Classic to Lightning

You want to have a smooth transition from Classic to Lightning. A Health Check will identify any potential issues with your system so you can take appropriate action.

Missing new functionality and possibilities?

Salesforce releases new updates and enhancements three times a year. A Health Check will identify powerful new features that can drive your business success.

Problems after a Salesforce release

You experience irregular errors following one of Salesforce's tri-annual releases. Our Salesforce Health Check Services will identify the source of each problem, its nature, and how it can be remedied.

Frequent issues and limitations

If your users are always having problems with your solution, whether these are performance issues or reaching storage limits, a Health Check will help you resolve the situation.

Clutter and complexity

A Health Check can identify if your solution is cluttered and overcomplicated by unnecessary applications and packages, which can also lead to performance and security issues.

Problems with locked records

If users have frequent issues with locked records when they try to make updates, a Health Check can help to solve them, increasing productivity and performance.

Benefits of Health Check for Salesforce

Better automation

With automation more effectively implemented, your organization’s overall efficiency is increased.

More productivity

When your solution is working more smoothly, with more functionality, your users will be able to be more productive.

Improved customer service

If your employees have greater solution performance and enhanced capabilities, they can better serve customers.

Smarter data analytics

When your team has access to the latest analytics functionality, they’re better informed and make better decisions.

Smoother collaboration

If your solution is working more effectively, it unifies sales, marketing and customer service teams even further.

Increased data quality

If you improve data quality, you have greater protection against errors and the accuracy of your insights is higher.

What a Health Check focuses on

  1. Security

    Each security setting and your platform’s code is judged against industry baseline security standards. We identify if the right access controls and permission settings are used, and measures like Multi-Factor Authentication.

  2. Data quality

    We perform data analysis to see if your data should be cleansed and needs deduplication of unnecessarily replicated records. We also review any existing data governance in place and see what can be done to ensure better data in future.

  3. Environments & deployment

    We make an assessment of your environments and changes deployed between sandbox and production environments, to ensure deployments are taking place via the right processes, so they will be successful and fulfill your requirements.

  4. Integration

    Every integration with a third-party product, made during your Salesforce implementation, needs to be functioning as well as possible. We analyze such integrations to ensure they’re doing their job and not creating bottlenecks or other issues.

  5. Overall health picture

    Taking all the focus areas into consideration, your Salesforce Health Check will result in an overall score of your solution’s health, in a Health Check report we provide summarizing your platform’s general state and specific findings.

A VRP Health Check report includes...

  • In-depth breakdown of all elements

    Our analysis of your Salesforce objects, workflows, record types, installed apps and development environment, and third-party app integrations.
  • Issues and recommendations

    All the major pain points, failures and bottlenecks found in your platform, as well as our recommended actions to correct or improve them.
  • Salesforce security Health Check

    A full review of security configuration, including user access, permissions and record sharing, identifying vulnerabilities and how they can be resolved.
  • Suggestions for innovation

    If we identify an opportunity to streamline/enhance business processes, we make suggestions, e.g., custom development of a new tool or more customization.

Why choose VRP Salesforce Health Check Services?

We are a global full-service Salesforce® Consulting Partner, PDO Expert, Consulting Partner and Tableau Partner, delivering innovation for all sizes of clients across the entire Salesforce platform. Our deep bench of experts will ensure your Salesforce platform is completely fit to support your employees’ productivity and your business growth.

2000+ projects

with over 350 clients across 12 years, delivering high quality projects with CSATs averaging 4.8/5


industry and cloud expertise coupled with best-in-class ISV app partners to deliver perfect solutions


to deliver effectively for all projects from quick starts to multi-year enterprise transformation programs

16 offices

in 12 countries with client facing teams in EU, UK, Canada & USA and delivery hubs at scale in Poland, Bulgaria and the Philippines


blend of local and remote certified experts to provide engagement and delivery that is right for your business


client services including consulting, outsourcing, custom development and managed services

What our clients say…

4.5 out of 5

“This partner quickly learned the challenges with our pre-existing Salesforce deployment. This was done by the partner learning of our pre-existing roadblocks, business value to the effort, and of course the statement of work. They successfully stepped up to the challenge of satisfying us as a client. We also appreciated the constructive best practices guidance to stay on the right path with our own internal Salesforce development initiatives going forward.

Even with the difference in the working time zone of this partner, it did not present any challenges. This did not hinder any communication in our engagement. This partner was very expeditious in email communication and was always readily available in daily stand ups.”

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