Energy & Utilities

Exceeding customer expectations is a business-critical issue. Customers demand consistent service and will change providers in a heartbeat if they feel they are not getting continuous value for their money. From the smallest household to the largest plant, your Salesforce® platform can help you keep your customers happy and overcome complex disruptions.

Energy & Utilities challenges

Sales order processing & account management

1000s of product SKUs, configurations, and pricing rules can take time to put together and risk pricing errors. Customers expect access to manage their accounts, view simple package details, and easy payment options.

Keeping service running

Service disruption has immediate and long-term costs. It's important to pro-actively monitor and maintain service and equipment, as well as being able to rapidly respond to any disruption to reduce short-term costs and keep customers satisfied.

Marketing at scale

Providing segmented marketing campaigns across multiple channels to a broad customer base that all build towards a buying decision whether that's a first-time purchase, a cross-sell, or up-sell. Tracking for analysis to see campaign effectiveness.

Leverage customer data

Companies need to know what the best product or service is to sell. This requires collecting core customer, subscriber & purchase data. These insights enable energy companies to make key strategic decisions on future services and products, benefiting customers, and increasing shareholder value.

Managing relationship

Modern energy portfolios involve complex relationships between customers, accounts, suppliers, resellers, and maintenance. Customers expect easy access to account management, service & product delivery as well as maintenance schedules.

Mergers, acquisitions & divestitures

Dynamically adapting to changing business structures, reacting to the evolving market, and seizing opportunities can be difficult without data insights, reports and benchmarks, especially when you must manage day-to-day operations.

Industry Solutions

Seamless quote generation

Complex sales processes don't have to be difficult or time-consuming. Utilize pricing features to provide bundles, tiers, dynamic pricing, price rules, approvals, auto-renewals, and an enhanced UI making payments fast and easy.

Pro-active servicing & maintenance

Stop disruption before it occurs through machine learning insights and automated alerts. Rapidly respond and service large infrastructure through VRP implemented Salesforce Field Service Lightning®. Get the mobile-friendly tools and analytics you need to manage work orders on the go or in the office.

Data-driven marketing

Create and distribute targeted marketing campaigns based on client data. Build compensation and loyalty programs powered by Heroku® or integrate with your existing, third-party solution. Review campaigns to provide optimized remarketing.

A single source of truth

Integrate your data in a unified platform using analytics to highlight future revenue generation opportunities, whilst increasing customer satisfaction. Share real-time reports and dashboards with key stakeholders to make sound business decisions.

Omnichannel communications

Bring all your communication channels together in a single, easy-to-configure interface, integrated with your website. Experience Cloud® and ServiceX use your look and feel to harmonize conversations and drive engagement.

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