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What is Slack?

Transform the way your organization works by making Slack your new digital HQ. We can help you integrate Slack and Salesforce with the solutions you use and build custom solutions to accelerate work.

Slack is a real-time messaging service for the workplace. With its channels, voice and video calls, as well as huddles it is the digital glue that fast-paced organizations use to automate processes and connect people with the right data at the right time.

How businesses are using Slack to get more work done

All hands

Provide company-wide updates and collect quick feedback through polls and forms so everyone is in the loop.

Incident channels

Alert support when problems arise, summon the team you need and then swarm issues to establish future best practices.

Deployment channels

Streamline development by tracking the progress of deployments. Collaborate with your team to remove bottlenecks with real-time and asynchronous chat.


Help your sales teams close deals faster by tracking the progress of deals and streamlining approvals in dedicated channels.

Team channels

Increase team collaboration with seamless real-time updates, task tracking and asynchronous standups.

Regional channels

Disseminate information fast and maintain cultures and cohesion across your organization.

Why you should trust VRP for your Slack implementation

We are a global full-service Salesforce® Consulting Partner, PDO Expert, Consulting Partner and Tableau Partner, delivering innovation for all sizes of clients across the entire Salesforce platform. Slack is our digital HQ and combined with our in-house solutions we have seen performance benefits across our teams.

2000+ projects

with over 350 clients across 12 years, delivering high-quality projects with CSATs averaging 4.8/5.


industry and cloud expertise coupled with best-in-class ISV app partners to deliver perfect solutions.


client services including consulting, outsourcing, custom development and managed services.

16 offices

in 12 countries with client-facing teams in EMEA and North America, plus delivery hubs at scale in Poland, Bulgaria and the Philippines.


blend of local and remote certified experts to provide engagement and delivery that is right for your business.


to deliver effectively for all projects from QuickStart implementations to multi-year enterprise transformation programs.

Benefits of a Salesforce to Slack implementation

  • Close deals faster

    Connect your Sales Cloud instance with Slack to boost your sales reps’ performance through automations, analytics and AI instantly in their chat.
  • Bring people and software together

    Streamline cross-department collaboration and connect with users to gather feedback and get more done. Use automations, apps and bots to access data when you need it.
  • Delight customers with responsive support

    Gather your support reps, customers and Service Cloud together in Slack. Your service team can solve tickets faster with support and prompts in Slack.
  • Turn marketing strategy into success

    Unify Marketing and Sales as well as any third-party agencies you work with, all in Slack. Get notifications and reports to track campaigns in real time.

How to integrate Salesforce to Slack

Salesforce and Slack can be integrated via native connectors, middleware solutions and custom solutions to provide automation and standardized workflows. A basic integration can be done in a matter of clicks within Salesforce and Slack but aligning your workflows and process isn’t so easy. If you wish to make sure your Slack and Salesforce integration optimizes processes and is adopted, you need to evaluate your practices and you may require a third-party integration or custom solution.

We can guide you to the right integration option for your organization and aid with the change management to ensure full adoption.

The most popular Slack to Salesforce integration use cases

Post Slack notifications with information on new leads and opportunities.

Notify support, sales and marketing of customer interactions with documentation, emails and marketing materials.

Remind sales reps of key customer dates such as project completion, personal milestones and churn dates.

Share and search Salesforce records and support cases within Slack.

Alert users to new Salesforce tasks with notifications in Slack.

Notify teams of updated Salesforce fields with channel messages.

Attach Slack messages from customers and team members to a Salesforce record.

Receive notifications from a custom alert for a custom object.

Slack apps to get work done

  • Google Workspace

    Access and share files on your Google Drive, straight from your Slack workspace.
  • Google Calendar

    Keep yourself organized by creating and responding to events as well as reminders - all within Slack.
  • Zoom

    Start or join Zoom meetings directly from any Slack channel, private group or direct message.
  • Gmail/Outlook

    Quickly send emails from Gmail or Outlook to Slack so you can prevent “reply-all overload” and collaborate on responses.
  • Jira & Confluence

    Stay on top of issues by creating and updating Jira tickets in Slack as well as receiving notifications on their progress.
  • DocuSign

    Prepare documents for signature and get them signed fast directly from Slack.

Slack FAQs

Out of the box, Slack and Salesforce are not integrated. There are, however, several direct and middleware connectors that can integrate Salesforce and Slack. Your Salesforce setup and your business needs will determine which option is the best path forward.

While any team can benefit from accessing Salesforce data in Slack, four key teams can benefit more, due to increased integration from Salesforce. They are Sales, Service, Marketing and IT Development. We expect this list to continue to grow as Slack and Salesforce continue to provide further enhancements.

While there are many real-time messaging platforms your company could use, the integration between Slack and Salesforce means that Slack isn’t just a messaging platform, it’s the hub where you can communicate with teammates, access critical data and log data fast. Basically, your digital HQ.

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