Provide seamless payment capabilities directly within Salesforce®. FinDock is a 100% native payments management platform — ideal for the nonprofit sector among others. It gives you powerful support to manage payment capture, processing, operations and experiences.

With FinDock, organizations can manage the entire payment journey in Salesforce. Now you can deliver easier, better payment experiences that boost donations or sales, satisfaction and loyalty.

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3 reasons why you should use FinDock as your payment partner

  • You’re looking to implement end-to-end payments management in Salesforce;

  • You want to use one system to manage all payments, whether online or offline;

  • You need to ensure your region-specific payment needs will be met;

We’re delighted to partner with FinDock. With their brilliant work in the nonprofit sector and elsewhere, and their customer-centric vision of payments, they’re a real asset to us, our customers and the Salesforce world.

Will Lamb | Chief Revenue Officer

It’s great to find a partner like VRP Consulting, with a long history of Salesforce innovation and excellence. We know they’ll ensure FinDock brings all the benefit it can to customers.

Robbert Douma | VP Sales & Partnerships, FinDock

Challenges we solve together

  • Struggles managing all your different payment service providers and methods.
  • Clunky, disconnected payment processes spanning multiple disparate systems.
  • Unable to support all the payment service providers your audience wants to use.
  • Lack of insight into supporter/customer behavior and payment preferences.
  • Difficulty accepting, processing and reconciling payments made to you.
  • Poor payment experiences for supporters/customers are damaging brand perceptions.

All these challenges and more can be solved by FinDock.

Time to transform payments management with FinDock?

Keep pace with change

Easily add new payment providers and methods directly in Salesforce to meet evolving demands.

Single source of truth

Reconcile bank files against CRM data, access real-time updates from providers and more.

Efficiency and accuracy

Use automation and validation to increase efficiency, improve processes and reduce errors.

FinDock enables you to...

Accept payments via any channel

Process payments from any online channel and manage offline payments such as direct debits and bank transfers.

Personalize payment touchpoints

Build integrated payment experiences across the customer lifecycle, using the payment data you have in Salesforce.

Gain actionable insights

Get a full view of all payments, track results from different providers and methods and improve decision-making.

How FinDock helps nonprofits


Now you can unify your donor and payment data to manage all donations in one place. That allows you to provide valuable insights to fundraising teams and launch intelligent donor experiences from Salesforce, adapting to supporters’ preferences.

FinDock for Nonprofit Cloud

FinDock enables you to control and optimize the entire payment journey in Nonprofit Cloud, as one complete solution for fundraising, program management, grants management and operations.

Gift Aid

FinDock Gift Aid Management streamlines the claims process, including creating claims, handling different declaration scenarios, audits and claim reversal. It is approved by HMRC and directly integrated with HMRC services.

Giving Pages

FinDock provides 100% customizable, responsive and GDPR-compliant templates so you can easily kickstart fully integrated payment journeys. You can create appealing landing pages in a matter of minutes.

Services VRP Consulting provides

  • Consulting

    Get the most out of your Salesforce and FinDock investments. Our consultants, architects, and developers can analyze your setup, identify your technical and organizational needs and then design a solution to further your mission.
  • Implementation

    If you’re looking to deploy your first solution with FinDock, Salesforce or both, our expert consultants and developers can help you realize your goals. We’ve helped global teams connect with their customers and provide elevated customer service.
  • Development

    Adapt your Salesforce and FinDock solutions to meet your particular needs. Our team knows how to tailor your stock solution into one that works for you, not against you. If there's an aspect that isn't matched to your organization’s processes, we can develop a new solution that is.
  • Managed Services

    You can fully focus on your work and leave the management of your platform to us. With flexible monthly hours including roll-over hours, you can have an expert team on hand to provide ongoing support, pro-actively adapting your solution to enhance new features.
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VRP Consulting & FinDock: A powerful partnership

50+ payment methods supported including Apple Pay and Google Pay
15+ payment processors supported including PayPal and Stripe
Multiple Salesforce Partner Awards in many combined decades’ experience

Find the right solution for your business

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