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    Re-configure and enhance their existing solution to support new business processes, migrate data and fix fundamental errors.
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Phoenix Camacho, Vice President of Revenue Operation

Everyone at VRP that we interacted with was very professional and highly skilled at their role. We feel we made the right decision to partner with VRP to help us clean up and redesign our Salesforce instance, and we are happy with the outcome.”

Phoenix Camacho, Vice President of Revenue Operation

The Challenge

Connex Partners faced challenges in their sales processes. Their third-party sales enablement tool was not integrated well with Salesforce. Multiple duplicate leads and contacts would map to a single record of an individual, causing major issues including records created against the wrong target objects in Salesforce. Sales cycle complexities also meant a proliferation of duplicate leads, contacts and accounts. Tracking and reporting conversations or activities was difficult and very time consuming.

The Wish

Connex Partners wanted to move to an account-based selling model whereby sales users didn't have to work with the “lead” object in Salesforce anymore. This would eliminate the source of many of the issues they faced. They wished to have a solution that was capable of facilitating new processes, streamlining operations and supporting future services evolution and business growth.



sales cycle with streamlined processes


less syncing of data required


leads migrated to contacts

The Solution

VRP Consulting configured Connex Partners’ Salesforce instance to facilitate new business processes, updated integration settings and defined rules to ensure their third-party tool only works with contacts in Salesforce. VRP de-duplicated and combined existing leads, converting them in bulk by merging data into existing records or, where applicable, creating new ones. This makes it easier for their sales teams to follow their business processes, by only working with Salesforce contacts and accounts.

The Stages

First, VRP quickly set to work migrating the platform to the new account-based solution. This involved creating bespoke apps and tools to help the business migrate existing leads into appropriate contacts, accounts and opportunities en masse. In some instances new records were created using a combination of a sophisticated data mapping algorithm, (not otherwise commercially available), and standard features within Salesforce. VRP then de-duped/cleansed existing data, configured input validation rules to enforce data accuracy and placed safeguards to prevent future duplication.

Lastly, VRP added enhancements driving sales for Connex Partners’ members by introducing new products and processes for subscriptions. VRP also created an “engagement engine” to log contact interactions (e.g., emails, tasks, events, meetings and portal activities) to provide insights for optimizing marketing and prioritizing new business activities.

    • The Result

      Connex Partners has now empowered its sales users with accurate insights, reports and dashboards. Users no longer need to dedicate excessive time analyzing prospects’ interactions with the business. Salesforce admins are free from heavy workloads, as they no longer need to manually correct data errors or spend hours generating reports. With their improved, streamlined solution, sales teams can now maximize opportunities and accelerate the sales process. Connex Partners can rest assured their new toolset is scalable to support future growth.

    • Company Profile

      Connex is an exclusive, invite-only network of C-level HR, Healthcare decision-makers and meticulously vetted partners. Connex Partners creates value by efficiently identifying alignment around needs and solutions. With nearly 20 years of experience leveraging unique in-person and virtual engagements, Connex engineers opportunities for value generation.

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