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We are a global award-winning Salesforce Partner who put people at the heart of everything we do.
We are looking for individuals excited about joining a growing international team.

"Joining VRP was a great decision. I joined an amazing team who instantly helped me feel at home. I've worked on interesting projects with opportunities to develop my skills including gaining new Salesforce certifications."

Emily Aarts

Helping our
people thrive

Success is contagious. When you succeed and grow, so does the rest of the company. Our teams are made up of an international band and we encourage a diversity of opinions, talents and experiences to help solve challenges and drive innovation. We support our people to achieve their best at work and in their personal lives by promoting a healthy work-life balance, supporting our employees in their hobbies and charitable efforts. This is evident in our perks, which include health club fitness packages, office bootcamps, yoga sessions, daily joint team lunches and global parties.

Fun facts


16 offices in 12 countries around the world


37% of our people are gym rats


We have a total of 66 national holidays off


In 2021 we donated 2,373 hours to charity initiatives


Together, we ran a total of 550 kilometers in races


29,035 kilometers between all our offices


We hosted 11 global parties in 2021 (including remote and social distant parties!)


We've sent a probe into space.


We are proud to represent 20+ different nationalities (and growing!)

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Work life

International environment

In the office or remote, different time zones, different cultures, 13+ languages, working with a global client base.

Flexible working

Whether you prefer working in the morning, evening, office, or at home, we are agile in our collaborative approach.

Modern offices

Our offices have been featured in the national press for their innovative facilities and design for employee productivity and welfare.

Personal development

  • Internal

  • Certification

  • Mentorship

Our values

We are committed to taking our customers on their Salesforce journey, by providing expertise, cloud & industry experience, using resources from our centres of excellence and local delivery hubs. We are agile, innovative, transparent and customer obsessed.


We believe our employees deserve to have a clear and accurate picture of what is happening at all times. Our teams push each other and build confidence, to achieve the best possible outcome. The CEOs door is always open. We value everyone's voice and know that sometimes the best ideas come from the least experienced.


We work in a fast-paced environment so we need to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Our exciting global projects mean there is never a dull moment. We support a good work-life balance to ensure a great atmosphere across all our offices. Whether you work remotely from home or in the office (socially distanced of course!) we ensure our teams stay in touch to drive collaboration.


Innovation comes from people. We will help you unleash your potential by constantly pushing boundaries and testing new ground to stay one step ahead of the curve. Grow your skills and knowledge in our development practices. Our offices mix fresh minds with experienced professionals in dedicated mentorship programs.

Customer Obsessed

Our teams genuinely care about their clients and look to make every interaction matter. That's why we build long-lasting relationships with both clients who are starting their journey or further along their path. You will get connected to our global client base of diverse businesses: every background, every industry, every size.

Recruitment process

1. Apply

Browse our open vacancies, find a position that interests you and matches your skills, then complete the form and attach your CV. If you can't find a position that matches you, feel free to send your CV as an open application. After you have applied HR will contact you to check some basic information.

2. Interview

Typically we then have two rounds of interviews, one a competency interview, and the other a team-fit interview. Sometimes we set tasks to ensure you have the required skills. This is your opportunity to learn more about us and how you can enjoy becoming part of our team.

3. Join

If you like what you see and we like what we hear, then all that's left is to accept the offer, sign the papers and join the team. Once you accept, we'll arrange a first day orientation to welcome you properly. Our onboarding process takes you on a continuous learning journey.

Your Career Path

If you are a graduate, have some experience under your belt, or are a seasoned pro you can advance your career here. It is our mission to help talent thrive and provide opportunities for professional and personal development in a high-growth, innovative environment.

Students & Graduates

Join our VRP Academy or one of our internship programs. You'll receive training and mentorship to accelerate your Salesforce career. At the end of the program, it may be possible to convert to a permanent position.

Technical professionals

Take the next step in your Salesforce career with us. We provide challenges and rewarding projects across industries and clouds with long-term and short-term projects. We are committed to creating a stimulating work environment and helping you grow.

Business professionals

In addition to focusing on Salesforce solutions, we develop business professionals that drive our company operations. From Accountants to Salespeople we provide competitive salaries, career advancement opportunities and a people-centered workplace.

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You can also follow us on linkedin and tiktok We promise not to post too many selfies! 😀

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    How can a #Salesforce #Consultancy help your business?

    Salesforce consultancies help you leverage technologies. Whether you're looking to enhance sales, support, marketing, or integrate everything, a consultancy will help you realize your goals.
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    VRP Consulting

    As PDO Experts, Impact Partners and Tableau Partners, we are one of a few Salesforce partners to have the technical scale, expertise and experience to design & deliver core Salesforce implementations & AppExchange apps.
    VRP Consulting
    VRP Consulting3 days ago
    What does work-life balance look like in real life?

    Meet Bartlomiej!

    Bartek is a Talent Acquisition Partner at VRP Consulting. He makes sure our recruitment is running efficiently and often interviews candidates, making sure everyone finds a position that’s the perfect match.

    In his free time, Bartek loves running RPG (role-playing game) campaigns (just like Eddie from “Stranger Things”). He’s been doing this since 2017. It’s challenging and fun to create fantasy scenarios and keep five other players in line, so they don’t inadvertently end up derailing three months of meticulous campaign planning!

    The hobby is (surprisingly) helpful at work, as practicing the ability to improvise and adapt during a game also helps Bartek respond better to candidates’ inquiries.

    So if you ever meet Bartek, feel free to ask questions about VRP Consulting, our recruitment processes and/or his hobbies - he’s always happy to talk about at least one of them ;).

    #meetvrppeople #VRPpeople #VRPTeam #Poland
    VRP Consulting
    VRP Consulting5 days ago
    How can organizations maintain Salesforce multi-cloud implementations?

    We asked Bruno Pimenta, VRP’s Director of Managed Services, what it takes to maintain the most demanding Salesforce solutions:

    “Having worked with all kinds of clients and their Salesforce setup, I’ve learned that those with more demanding solutions have a different “shopping list” when it comes to finding a partner. That’s why VRP Managed Services has built a very versatile offering designed to cater to the whole spectrum, from those who have undergone QuickStart implementations and need only administrative help, to others with more advanced scenarios with multiple clouds and/or integrated applications.

    In these cases, adaptability is perhaps even more vital than in other circumstances. To keep such Salesforce solutions running well, and deal with any issues quickly and effectively, we’ll slot into your team and processes as neatly as we can, so we can coordinate to resolve requests smoothly. That means providing you with a team with a wider range of skill sets and it may even mean us adopting the issue tracking tools your organization already uses, such as JIRA. It’s part of our commitment to delivering flexibility, and the best service, for our clients.”

    Bruno will be expanding on this topic soon with more insights, so stay tuned.
    VRP Consulting
    VRP Consulting5 days ago
    Dreamforce 2022 starts today!

    Join our breakout session “Delivering Lifesaving Impact During the Ukrainian Crisis” tomorrow and on Thursday:

    September 21 at Camp Three from 1:00 - 1:40 PM (Pacific Time)
    September 22 at Camp Five from 11:00 - 11:40 AM (Pacific Time)

    See you there — and let us know if you want to meet up!

    #salesforce #DF22 #dreamforce
    VRP Consulting
    VRP Consulting1 week ago
    Which Salesforce Dreamforce 2022 sessions should you definitely not miss?

    It’s almost time for the biggest event in the Salesforce world! In our latest article, we present our pick of must-see Dreamforce 2022 sessions.

    Discover the highlights of the event's schedule for your industry here:

    #DF22 #salesforce #dreamforce #event
    VRP Consulting
    VRP Consulting1 week ago
    Happy Online Learning Day! 🎓

    We couldn’t let this day pass without marking it, as online learning has become very prominent in our world.

    Supporting our employees' growth is very important to us, so we often host online webinars and idea exchange sessions with experts across our company.

    Do you like learning online or maybe prefer a more traditional, in-person way of learning? Let us know in a comment 📚 💻

    #learning #school #onlinelearning #onlinelearningday
    VRP Consulting
    VRP Consulting2 weeks ago
    Not long now until Dreamforce 2022 begins!

    You’ll be able to learn how Ukrainian Red Cross Society (Червоний Хрест України) was able to scale to meet the huge rise in donations since the start of the crisis and automate the donor experience, with our help.

    Don’t miss “Delivering Lifesaving Impact During the Ukrainian Crisis”. This amazing breakout session, with our very own Chief Revenue Officer, Will Lamb as one of the speakers, takes place on September 21 at Camp Three from 1:00 - 1:40 PM (Pacific Time) and on September 22 at Camp Five from 11:00 - 11:40 AM (Pacific Time).

    See you there or on Salesforce+ — and if you want to meet up, reach out to us!

    #salesforce #DF22 #dreamforce
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