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Bullhorn is an industry leading provider of staffing and recruitment software that puts people to work. A solution built for recruiters by recruiters, Bullhorn for Salesforce® gives firms a competitive edge with real-time dashboards, recruitment-specific software integrations, and the global capabilities of the Salesforce platform. Their feature set is designed to help you quickly find the perfect candidate and to streamline all workflows.

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4 reasons why you should consider running your recruitment on your Salesforce platform

  • You want to find the perfect candidate in less time;

  • You need a 360 degree view of candidates with easy management tools to track each step in the recruitment process;

  • You want to impress candidates with a swift and smooth recruitment process;

  • You're an agency looking to find new customers and deliver leading edge recruitment to both new and long term clients.

VRP testimonial working with Bullhorn

“Bullhorn offers a fantastic recruitment platform. We're delighted to be a partner of Bullhorn and be able to help both recruitment agencies and corporate recruiters transform their end to end recruitment processes.”

Will Lamb, Chief Revenue Officer, UKI

“VRP Consulting is our trusted partner. We value VRP's expertise and experience in both Salesforce and Bullhorn. We are happy to recommend them as an AppExchange development, implementation and support partner.”

Jonathan Novich, SVP Product, Salesforce At Bullhorn

Recruiters face many challenges

  • Finding qualified and suitable candidates in good time
  • Collaborating between applicants, companies and/or internal departments
  • Ensuring all documents are up to date, reducing manual and repetitive data entry
  • Providing a good experience for all during this important life or business transition
  • Generating clear reports and intuitive dashboards
  • Creating a positive impression on candidates and clients
These challenges lead to positions not being filled, losing great candidates to other agencies & companies and can have a negative impact on company brand identity.

Have you ever considered recruiting within one Salesforce platform?

All these challenges and more can be solved by Bullhorn products on the Salesforce platform

Find qualified candidates faster

Use the power of Einstein AI to match suitable/qualified/ candidates to open positions without taking up valuable work hours.

Get a 360 degree view on Recruitment

Your whole team can manage the recruitment process with a connected system that just works. The Bullhorn powered Candidate Workspace is a collaborative environment to manage all your candidate's data and with one-click actions for tasks.

Einstein recommendations

Bullhorn for Salesforce gives you tools to advertise positions, search for suitable candidates, and manage records to find qualified candidates for positions, fast.

Easy collaboration

Whether you need to connect your leads to candidates or simply keep the relevant internal stakeholders informed, by connecting Bullhorn with your Salesforce platform you can make collaboration seamless.

Submit candidates, with a single step

Quick submit lets you complete all the tasks to submit candidates to open vacancies with a single step. With the job manager database, email templates, and workflows which contact every part of the chain, recruiters can submit more qualified candidates for positions faster.

Solutions for every type of recruiter

Corporate Recruitment

Effortlessly and efficiently match candidates with positions in one unified system. Find new customers through lead generation activities. Connect clients and vacancies in your Salesforce CRM with the perfect match in your Bullhorn ATM. Manage all your candidates from one place and collaborate recruitment without a hitch.


Simplify and unify your internal recruitment processes. Quit juggling multiple systems to complete common tasks, with a Bullhorn and Salesforce system that is properly integrated your hiring manager can access all their position, candidate, and communication tools in one place for more efficient and effective results.

Which service do you need?

No matter what stage of your Bullhorn and Salesforce journey, we have a solution for you.

  • Consulting

    Get the most out of your Salesforce and Bullhorn investments. Our consultants, architects, and developers can analyze your setup, identify your technical and business needs and then design a solution to achieve your business goals.
  • Implementation

    If you are looking to deploy your first Bullhorn, Salesforce, or both systems, our team of expert consultants and developers can help you realize your goals. We have helped launch 50+ implementations that have helped recruiters work more effectively.
  • Development

    Adapt your Salesforce and Bullhorn systems to meet your particular needs. Our team knows how to tailor your stock solution into one that works for you, not against you. If there's an aspect that isn't matched to your business processes, we can develop a new solution that is.
  • Managed Services

    You can fully focus on your recruitment and leave the management of your system to us. With flexible monthly hours including roll-over hours, you can have an expert team on hand to provide ongoing support, pro-actively adapting your solution to enhance new features.
Which service do you need - Managed Services

VRP Consulting & Bullhorn: a powerful partnership

Combine the recruiting software of Bullhorn with the implementation and customization expertise of VRP Consulting for a solution tailored to your needs.

23+ years of recruitment expertise
12 years of Salesforce Expertise
The most popular recruiting application on the Salesforce AppExchange
750+ Salesforce Experts

Find the right solution for your business

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