The industry is constantly evolving and your customers are setting new expectations daily. From the smallest startup to global tech giants, your Salesforce® solution can help you deliver innovation and disrupt your market.

Hi-tech challenges

Innovating in a constantly shifting world

Hi-tech companies are supposed to drive innovation, but with more competitors and market disruptions, it's more difficult to navigate let alone lead that innovation.

Adapting to an "as-a-service" future

The market is increasingly dominated by "as-a-service" solutions. In this world, customer service experience is increasingly important with more demanding customers who can shift service more easily.

Disconnected data and departments

Big data can provide big rewards, but it requires you to have all your data in one single source of truth. Connecting different data points, services, and departments can reveal new insights and opportunities for innovation.

Managing and issuing complex quotes

1000s of product SKUs, configurations, and pricing rules can take time to put together and risk pricing errors. These delays and mistakes lower customer satisfaction and take more time to correct.

Stock & inventory management

It's difficult to strike the balance of stock levels that leads to lower customer satisfaction and reduced revenue. Complex forecasting linked to supplier, stock, and warehouse management is essential in streamlining this process.

Getting on the AppExchange

Accessing the Salesforce AppExchange opens up a giant market for your business. However, it requires specific knowledge and expertise to develop a new application, pass the Salesforce security review, and continue to support post-implementation.

Satisfying demanding customers

Customers expect a robust service and high-level support which as an innovation leader you need to exceed. It's about quick resolution to avoid costly, reputation-damaging mistakes as customers now expect self-access portals, where they can receive instant answers and have complete transparency into their orders.

Slow onboarding new customers and clients

Hi-tech positions require specialized skillsets with more complex technology and products. Lengthy onboarding processes with 3rd party dependencies can delay the development & delivery of new products, solutions and lead to poor customer experiences.

Onboarding and e-learning with Appinium

Bring your onboarding, support, and customer self-service to life through video. Tracking video usage natively in Salesforce allows you to understand what works well and enables a data-driven content strategy.

Industry Solutions

Seamless quote generation

Complex sales processes don't have to be difficult or time-consuming. Extend your standard Salesforce product selection and pricing features to provide bundles, tiers, dynamic pricing, price rules, approvals, auto-renewals and an enhanced UI, and quote generation experience.

Fulfillment automation

Connect your supply chains to provide seamless fulfillment based on real-time inventory and sales forecasting with a configured Salesforce community. You can automate powerful workflows that leverage customer and product data.

Salesforce AppExchange

Reach new customers with your application on the Salesforce AppExchange. Utilize our team of experienced Salesforce consultants and developers to get your app through the security review process. As a Salesforce Expert PDO Navigator, our agile approach gives you access to experts as and when required or on a long-term basis for full support.

Asset management

Know where your hardware and maintenance equipment locations are. A self-access community portal will enable project managers and engineers to know where equipment is, what condition it's in, who is using it, and when it will be next available.

Omnichannel customer support

Bring all your communication channels together in a single, easy-to-configure interface, integrated with your website. Experience Cloud® and ServiceX use your look and feel to harmonize conversations and drive engagement.

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