Travel & Hospitality

Travelers have more opinions and higher expectations than ever before. Companies need to deliver superior service through innovative means to land customers and keep them coming back. From the overnight stay to the extended holiday, your platform can ensure a long-lasting, memorable experience.

Travel & Hospitality challenges

Marketing effectiveness and strategy

Wide-ranging client profiles require personalized customer journeys to engage and sell packages. Your campaigns need to adapt and update in response to travel partner availability, itinerary changes, and delays to avoid turbulence for the traveler and promote loyalty.

Booking management

Customers expect easy access to manage their trips and bookings, viewing package details with easy payment options. Portals should provide ratings and offer the ability to leave feedback from previous experiences. This can have a positive or negative impact on your business.

Customer retention

Your customers expect instant, effective responses no matter if they contact you at a service desk, on a phone or via social media. Your field reps need mobile and offline case management tools to respond effectively.

Package options

With a large variety of package options, itineraries, and payment schedules that are customer-specific, customers must be informed in a user-friendly way to avoid service calls. Travel & Hospitality companies need communication portals to connect everyone in the holiday booking process.

Delay Repay

Ever-tighter regulations on how and when passengers are part-refunded for delays means coupling ticketing and CRM systems becomes essential.

Industry Solutions

Marketing automation

Deliver personalized communications at scale. Use the power of Marketing Cloud® or Pardot® to provide complex customer journeys that speak to each travelers heart. Rapidly respond and inform customers of itinerary changes, event info, travel delays, and delay repay.

Customer portals

Delight your customers with a portal that gives them control of their trip(s). Provide details as well as an overview of their bookings and self-purchase options for additional services, repeat bookings, and loyalty programs.

360 degree customer view

Empower your staff to give highly personalized advice in a timely manner across multiple communication channels, by truly understanding your customers using Einstein® analytics. Track and share interactions to effectively manage the sales and support process.

Tailored communications

Automatically create personalized documents for individual client requests. Instantly provide a one-of-the-kind quote, invoice, and travel requirement documents based on a client's needs and available options. Bring all your communication channels together in a single, easy-to-configure interface, integrated with your website.

Integrated Systems

We can advise on the right integration middleware to connect Salesforce with ticketing or property management systems, aggregated booking services, and accounting packages, to empower seamless interactions for your customers at all stages of their journeys with you.

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