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New digital platforms are changing the way consumers access information and entertainment. The rise in streaming services brings opportunities, as well as disruptions to traditional and new media. From small local media brands to global media conglomerates, your Salesforce® platform can help you understand and reach audiences, monetize ads and content, as well as innovate key business processes.

Industry Solutions

Customer 360 view and personalization

Empower your staff to give highly personalized advice in a timely manner across communication channels, by truly understanding your customers through integration with Einstein® analytics. Track and share interactions to effectively manage the support and sales processes.

Engaging Audience Experiences

Break through the noise with personalized content and targeted marketing campaigns that leverage the audience data in your Salesforce platform. Use the power of Marketing Cloud® to provide complex, multi-channel nurturing journeys that speak to each customer’s heart. Connect Einstein AI to optimize campaigns automatically.

Streamlined ad sales

Reduce order leakage by providing a holistic, sales process so advertisers can talk to one person to reach their target audience across multiple diverse media brands. Implement a scalable integration strategy, utilizing middleware such as Mulesoft or Jitterbit, to enable customer master data and live spot inventory for efficient and viable quotes.

Media-specific billing and subscription

No matter the monetization strategy you have or move to, your Salesforce solution can be configured to support it. We can configure media-specific solutions, through Salesforce Billing and Vlocity solutions, which enable both one-time payments as well as subscriptions with reoccurring payments with multiple currencies, pricing catalogs and customer discounts.

Innovating through collaboration and data

Facilitate collaboration with content producers, partners and advertisers through a custom portal powered by Experience Cloud. Whether you wish to manage the content pipeline, enable advertiser sales, or unify communication, we can configure a solution.

GDPR compliance & data security

Salesforce follows best practices for a data processor and provides you with useful tools to stay GDPR compliant, by capturing personal preferences. Through user profile settings access to personal financial data can be restricted and maintained even when connected to one of our trusted accounting solution partners.

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