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A personal finance brand gains an eLearning platform ready for their future growth.

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    Experience Cloud
    Creating eLearning solution to provide course content to consumers
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    North America
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    Media & Entertainment
Gary Greenwald

Gary Greenwald, Chief Operating Officer

“With VRP’s help, we’ve been able to provide our audience with an exciting set of personal finance coaching and learning programs. It’s a solution that’s easy for our team to manage and, crucially, we’re confident it can scale and evolve as we grow. VRP had our business goals and long-term ambitions in mind at all times, and we worked together to find efficient design and technical solutions — both off-the-shelf components and custom code — to meet our requirements.”

Gary Greenwald, Chief Operating Officer

The Challenge

HerMoney Media is focused on leveling the personal finance playing field for women. Formed as a media company, HerMoney wanted to diversify their offering to include eLearning in the form of an online financial wellness coaching program. They had already linked up with Appinium to provide Salesforce-based eLearning technology but needed development expertise — particularly integrating Appinium capabilities into broader Salesforce Experience Cloud communities — to deliver the product offering they envisioned. HerMoney partnered with VRP to gain specialized experience and skill sets to deliver their project with quality, speed and cost-effectiveness.

The Wish

Two separate consumer-facing eLearning portals were required: one for personal finance courses and another for investment courses. Three types of users needed to be supported: guest users, students and coaches. The portals had to be created with Appinium at the back-end in order to support the content HerMoney would be offering, as well as custom Salesforce objects, builder components and Visualforce pages. Custom integrations were also necessary: Google Cloud to fetch data from their enterprise storage; Stripe to enable customer registration and payment; and integration with stock market data sources to obtain pricing graphs and analysis tools. The client also wished their solution to be scalable and extensible, to accommodate for growth in customers and expansion of offering.



self-service eLearning portals created


assignments provided


extensible and scalable platform

The Solution

Thanks to a deep knowledge of the Salesforce platform and Appinium LearnTrac and ViewTrac components, VRP’s experts were able to create an eLearning portal using Experience Cloud, via a combination of custom and out-of-the-box components. The extensive scope of VRP’s team meant developers were on hand to create the custom components required and administrators were readily available to perform configuration. The end result was a robust, flexible, extensible eLearning solution that can be evolved and expanded as HerMoney’s needs grow and change.

The Stages

VRP Consulting conducted a Discovery phase to understand the specifics of HerMoney’s needs, including processes, users and content types, to inform the Design stage which came next. Development took place in several short iterations, wih demonstrations every week, including prototypes of the solution. During this process, VRP experts used their Salesforce knowledge to align HerMoney’s expectations with the platform’s capabilities and identify a perfectly suitable route.

Thanks to these learnings gained and agreements reached, VRP created an MVP (minimum viable product) build of the solution — the FinanceFixx eLearning portal — in under two months. In the final phase, Deployment, it was tested and deployed to production, after which HerMoney came to VRP with an additional need: a second eLearning portal, InvestingFixx, which VRP also created.

    • The Result

      HerMoney now has an eLearning solution that is ready to support both their current eLearning plans and their future ambitions. Their personnel can maintain multiple learning groups, with minimal administrative effort. Coaches and learning plans can also be easily managed, which adds to a low overall administration overhead. With VRP’s help, they have successfully diversified their business and are equipped to take their online financial coaching to even greater heights.

    • Company Profile

      HerMoney, the personal finance brand from Jean Chatzky, is a multimedia company changing the relationships women have with money, one woman at a time. They provide the latest updates on budgeting, investing, financial planning and more via their website, podcast and newsletters. HerMoney’s mission is to empower women to take charge of their money, so they can take charge of and enjoy their lives.

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