Salesforce Einstein

Work smarter with insights and predictions.

What is Salesforce Einstein®?

Einstein is all about working smarter and profiting from your CRM data through AI. Einstein is the only Customer 360 native AI, with out-of-the-box application specific tools and a platform to build custom smart assistants for your business specific use cases, driving business goals and optimising costs.

What can you do with Einstein?

You can supercharge your Clouds with Einstein out-of-the-box applications, that help sales, service, marketing and commerce teams do their jobs smarter and faster.

You can enhance your Salesforce App with no-code tools for creating smart assistants, bots, recommendations, smart actions and automated workflows. The Einstein Platform enables the rapid creation of tailored smart assistance to streamline your work.

Discover insights, predict outcomes that address unique cases without the need of a team of Data Scientists and lengthy development processes.

Salesforce Einstain

Increase in lead conversions


Increase in open rate of new product emails


Increase in revenue with Commerce Cloud Einstein

*Source Trailhead Einstein basics

Get the best out of Einstein with VRP Consulting

Whether you are looking to improve customer services, increase sales rep productivity, marketing communication or increase eCommerce revenue through smart assistants, we have the experience to help you get up and running in no time.

What are your options?

If you are taking your first steps with Salesforce, or evolving your existing platform, our experts can match your needs with either full-service consulting and delivery projects, staff augmentation or support. Click to find out more

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