Deeper engagement. Better data. Superior results. Appinium helps all companies navigate The River - the flow from marketing through sales into customer success and learning. Appinium combines modern video and learning management to drive unparalleled audience engagement, analytics, and outcomes. The River will reduce the number of systems, increase the power of your chosen Salesforce® Platform, and provide predictive insights to drive growth.

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3 reasons why you should use Appinium & Salesforce for your eLearning and video solutions

  • You are looking to enable marketing, sales, customer success, and learning;

  • You need to consolidate more data for predictive analysis to drive bottom line results;

  • You want to manage, deploy & track videos and other multimedia assets within Salesforce.

“As a long-term partner, we are proud to have helped many companies drive a data-driven content strategy with Appinium's solutions.”

Will Lamb, Chief Revenue Officer, UKI

“VRP rocks as a partner and has helped us deliver the benefits of Appinium and Salesforce quickly and efficiently to our joint clients.”

Steve Jacobson, CEO

Businesses face many challenges

  • Connecting marketing, sales, customer success, and learning
  • Providing customer support to reduce inquiry numbers and resolution times
  • Training new employees and partners to understand the way your business works, including compliance
  • New user adoption to systems making the business more efficient
  • Tracking video marketing effectiveness to drive engagement
  • Creating predictive analytics to gain detailed business insights
These challenges lead to an inefficient way of working caused by disconnected information & repetitive query responses, and leave a negative impression of the business.

Have you considered embracing the future of work?

The future of work connects employees, prospects, and customers together through a secure, unified video and eLearning platform driving engagement.


The River starts with driving awareness, making a positive impression, and encouraging interactions. Video and multi-media options are ideally suited for this purpose. Connected with Salesforce you gain insights into prospect engagement thereby optimizing future marketing campaigns and communication streams.

Sales enablement

Converting engagement into opportunities is facilitated by detailed insights into prospect behavior as they move through the sales funnel. Sales agents can follow up with inquiries and information based on details provided within individual Salesforce records.

Customer Success

Empowering customers to answer their own queries will have a positive impact, create a lasting impression of your business and optimize customer service. Connected with sales interaction data provides further opportunities for revenue generation. View data feeds into business intelligence analytics.


Whether you are looking to provide initial information to prospects, onboard new employees and partners, or ensure company-wide compliance; Video and multi-media tracks provide eLearning logic and record completed electives within Salesforce. Extra data feeds overviews, reports, and dashboards for comprehensive analysis.

Appinium products

The Appinium suite of apps create The River, which enables marketing, sales, customer success, and learning. The River consolidates systems, creates more data for predictive analysis to drive bottom-line results, all within the Salesforce ecosystem.


ViewTrac empowers companies to manage, deploy, and track videos and other multimedia assets like never before. Whether it’s being watched in a Community, in Salesforce, in Chatter, on your website, or from an email, you can manage it and track it all from within Salesforce.


Empower your employees, customers, and partners in new and compelling ways with the most innovative native learning solution built on Salesforce. LearnTrac will help you increase engagement and improve outcomes to optimize your Salesforce investment.

VRP Consulting & Appinium

As one of Appinium's partners, VRP Consulting has the expertise and experience to ensure your Appinium products are implemented seamlessly into your business.

12+ years of Salesforce expertise
8+ years of eLearning expertise
750+ Salesforce experts
1000s of projects in the US, EMEA, and UKI

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