Manage the QA process in a single platform.

What is TesterX?

TesterX is a free app on the AppExchange that streamlines manual software development and quality assurance processes. TesterX covers the end-to-end QA and test process from a single Salesforce powered platform in a clear, transparent and secure workflow.

What can you do with TesterX?

TesterX enables testers, QA engineers, business analysts and project managers to manage their testing cycles in Salesforce. TesterX streamlines test and QA process mapping to an intuitive workflow. You are in control of access, integration, updates, tracking, document sharing, communication and permissions management.

TesterX is a native Salesforce Lightning application, leveraging functionality such as chatter and workflows and includes an API which makes it possible to connect to tools such as Jira.


Testing productivity

QA engineers' productivity can skyrocket with workflows, communication channels & dashboards to aid focus.

  • A unified central source of testing.
  • Requirements management process.
  • Drive collaboration between all stakeholders

Testing efficiency

Managers can launch, monitor and review multiple tests from a central view, increasing agility while minimizing errors.

  • Simplify ad hoc or structured test execution cycles.
  • Quick insights into current test coverage.
  • Traceability matrix


What are your options?

Download today or learn more by requesting a demo. If you are looking to effortlessly manage your testing cycles, TesterX will give you a real-time view into testing, provide intuitive tools and workflows to trigger & track testing bugs and fixes.

What are your options
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