Manage staff absences efficiently.

What is WorkforceX?

WorkforceX is an easy-to-use Salesforce app that enables businesses to optimize employee workload management through an absence request process in one central location. Employees create and submit time off requests, with the ability to add colleagues to cover their projects during their absence.

What can you do with WorkforceX?

WorkforceX drives collaboration between project managers, especially in larger, distributed teams. A streamlined workflow enables employees to request absences, receive manager approval and arrange for cover. An overview of employee data is automatically updated and visualized in an intuitive calendar, providing complete transparency. Global teams share insights into localized data such as regional and national holidays.


Business Efficiency

Facilitate collaboration and resource planning in distributed teams. Automated resource allocation mitigates project delivery risks while the central calendar view with localized national holidays improves planning.

  • Automated resource allocation
  • Central calendar view with localized national holidays
  • Data privacy ensured
  • Native integration with Salesforce

Employee Productivity

Drive productivity by enabling employees to plan workload and absences. With greater visibility into company resources, employees are empowered to collaborate effectively, access resources and facilitate task sharing.

  • Facilitate direct employee engagement, even remotely
  • 360° visibility into team resource availability
  • Streamline workload management, task sharing and absence planning
  • Customization of calendars for specific needs; request types, filters, icons and colors


What are your options?

Download today or Learn more by requesting a demo. If you are looking to streamline your staff absence requests, WorkspaceX will automate the absence process and enhance resource planning.

What are your options
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